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Regular visitors will have noted the revamped site. I've got rid of that blue "wire hole" background, because it was looking just a tad dated! I've replaced it with a more modern look. Hopefully, it's a cleaner feel to the site, and you'll be able to concentrate on the lessons more. So what's new?

I've added 13 new sections to the site. The biggest addition is Javascript Forms. This was the most requested section, so I've finally gotten round to doing something about it!

Other sections added are: browser detection, events, functions, and how javascript deals with strings of text.

My apologies to those who actually liked the old site. If the new one bombs on the search engines, it will be back! Any comments about the new site, or about broken links, link requests, or help, can be sent to my new email address. You can find this on the Home page, on the left hand side.


Jan 05

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