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Javascript Tutorials for Beginner's

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Introduction to the Javascript Tutorials
The Javascript tutorials are intended for complete beginners to the subject. If you've never done any programming before in your life, then this is the place to be. Complete the entire course and you'll have a very good understanding of prgramming in general, and Javascript in particular.

  > Section One - Javascript Beginners start here - an exercise to complete, and a brief introduction to Javascript - it will get you up and running

1 Introduction and a first script

2 The SCRIPT tag and HTML

3 The Document Object

4 The Document Title Property

5 A Javascript Rollover

6 Javascript Methods and Events

7 Testing your visitors' browser

8 The Window Object

  > Section Two - Deleving deeper into Javascript. The real proramming starts here!

1 Setting up variables in Javascript

2 Javascript and Textboxes

3 Avoiding the NaN error message

4 Javascript IF Statements

5 Javascript IF ... ELSE Statements

6 Using AND and OR

7 Javascript FOR Loops

8 A Times Table Programme

9 WHILE and DO Loops

10 BREAK and SWITCH Statements

11 Javascript Arrays

12 The Index number of an Array

13 Arrays and Loops - A Lottery Programme

14 How to Sort values in an Array

  > Section Three - Javascript Events - New Section!

1 Browser Detection

2 The onMouseDown Event

4 Other Javascript Events

  > Section Four - Functions and Forms- New Section!

1 Javascript Functions (A calculator programme)

2 How to call a function

3 Using Javascript to Validate Forms

4 Javascript and Email Addresses

5 Javscript and Checkboxes

6 Drop Down boxes

7 How to get values from List Boxes

8 Javascript and Radio buttons

  > Section Five - String Manipulation - New Section!


1 How to use substring() and split() - a name swapper game


2 How to use charat() - an Anagram Game