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The index number of an array


Arrays really come in to their own when you access their index numbers. You can use a variable in place of the index number. Then, if you increment the variable, you can access the elements in your array. As an example, try this script in a web page. For the web page, create a form called frmOne. Put a button on the form, and a text box called txtSeason. If you prefer, copy and paste this one:

<FORM name = frmOne>

<INPUT Type = text name = txtData>
<INPUT Type = button value = " Seasons " onClick = GetSeasons()>


When you've got the form in place, add this script to the HEAD section of your code:

<SCRIPT language=JavaScript>

inc = 0

function GetSeasons () {

Seasons = new Array(3)
Seasons[0] = "Winter"
Seasons[1] = "Spring"
Seasons[2] = "Summer"
Seasons[3] = "Autumn"

document.frmOne.txtData.value = Seasons[inc]



We're setting up the array in exactly the same way. Now, though, we're calling a function with the onClick event of the button in the Form:

onClick = GetSeasons()

The function will set up the array. It also puts a value in our text box. But note what the value is - it's one of our elements in the array. But which element is it?

document.frmOne.txtData.value = Seasons[inc]

The inc is a variable. It was set up outside the function, making it global (all your functions can see a global variable):

inc = 0

So the first value put into our text box is this:

document.frmOne.txtData.value = Seasons[0]

In the final line of the code, we then increment the variable:


So every time the button is clicked, 1 will get added to the inc variable. The next time you click the button, the code is really this:

document.frmOne.txtData.value = Seasons[1]

When the value in the inc variable goes above 3, you'll get this in the text box:


That's because we don't have a position number 4 in our array. You can reset the inc variable like this:

if (inc > 3) inc = 0

That should prevent "undefined" from displaying in the text box.

Arrays are used a lot inside loops. We're going to see how that works now by creating a lottery number generator. But before continuing you should ensure that you have a good understanding of how for loops work. If not, go back and revise.

In the next part, we'll start work on a lottery programme.

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