I have always wanted to be a Science Fiction Author. Nothing too heavy and probably never officially publishable but, hopefully, not too dire either. I will use this page to jot down ideas for stories that I have.

National Novel Writing Month
The idea is you write 50,000 words during the merry month of November. The advantage being that there are thousands of other people doing the same thing at the same time. There is support on their message boards and local co-ordinators organise meet-ups where there is lots of mutual encouragement. Visit the website for more info - why not have a go yourself?

This year, for Nano, I am writing a people story about a guy who is trying to collect together the parts of his machine so that he can re-build it. This time the SF part takes a back seat to the characterisation.

I hope.

I entered Nano last year with Purify which was a light-hearted Sci-Fi story about a bunch of interstellar archeologists with a special interest in post-apocalyptic planets.

If I ever get around to finishing my first short story Glimpses of Infinity it too will be published here.

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