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1984-1988 Tape Op and Sound Engineer

In 1984 the opportunity to work in the control room of a recording studio was offered at Yellow Two Studios.
Granada TV presenter Nick Turnbull had invested in Yellow Two Studios, buying it from the beleaguered Strawberry Studios group of companies. In 1986 he bought Strawberry Studios also

Paul Harrison was the senior engineer at Yellow Two Studios, he trained the tape op's to become engineers. He was also the keyboard player in Sweet Sensation.

Record producer Martin Hannett at Strawberry Studios

Composer Bill Connor who did many sessions at the studios, for television music mainly, composing scores for orchestras and a wide range of musicians. He was also the keyboard player in Manfred Mann.

Chris Nagle who worked at Strawberry from the age of seventeen, as a sound engineer.

(L-R) Julia, Sam and Derek Brandwood (artist promoter) in reception at Yellow Two Studios.
Yellow Two continues as a recording facility today as LBS.

Feeling a bit embarrased while tape-op-ing for comedians Cannon and Ball. A session that was obviously full of laughter.

American record producer John Robie working on a session for New Order / Factory Records on song 'Shellshocked'

Engineer CJ who went onto to work at New Orders studio Suite 16 in north Manchester around 1985

Another co-worker JP (John Pennington) has a myspace page here

Julia engineering  
The audio here is Gross Chapel - GB Grenadiers, from album Bend Sinister by The Fall. It was produced by John Leckie, until the vocalist decided to master the album from a cassette tape of monitor mix's!

Some of the regular faces at the studio, session musician Des Tonge who also played bass in Sad Cafe and Richie Close, keyboard wizzard and composer for many tv themes. He played in groups as a jazz musician and was also in a house music band. A popular guy
The desk here is the original helios desk designed by 10cc in the 1970's, many hits were recorded on this desk including much of 10cc's material ('I'm Not In Love') and the Joy Division albums

Another regular face Mike Timoney who composed many tv sessions and jingles using banks of synthesizers, a very fast worker and well respected

Vocalist Hans who sang a cover version 'Fernando' (by Abba) with Martin Hannett producing his group.

Vocalist from group It's Immaterial while recording their single 'Driving Away From Home'

When the studios were closed in 1991, a car parking sign was kept as a momento.

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