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Previous Owners of Penmaenuchaf Hall, Penmaenpool

1864Thomas Taylor (1799-1876), founder of Thomas Taylor & Sons Ltd., Grecian Mills, Lever Street, Bolton, Greater Manchester buys real estate at Arthog. The conveyance gives him residing at Bolton-le-Moors, Lancaster.
1873Thomas Taylor now resides at "The Cliffe", Penmaen-cliffe, Dolgelley.(See historical sources.)
1876Thomas Taylor dies
1878William Taylor (son and heir) adds Frdd-y-Mynydd etc. to estate.(See historical sources.) (Frdd-y-Mynydd is the rocky promontory directly above Penmaenpool and is now heavily forested.)
1901William Taylor sells Arthog Estate to John Leigh Taylor resident at Penmaenucha, Dolgelley
1902John Leigh Taylor (Thomas Taylor's son) acquires Gallestra & Cregennan etc.
1908John Leigh Taylor dies
1908Beatrice Mary Scott (ne Taylor), daughter, inherits estate (date of her death unknown)
1916Lieutenant-Colonel George Frederick Scott (Beatrice`s husband) dies.
1918Mrs Sybil Mary Wynne-Jones (ne Scott), daughter, inherits estate.
1974Major Charles Llewellyn Wynne-Jones (husband) dies.
1978Executors Mary Esperance (Nancy) Wynne-Jones (daughter of Sybil Mary; both sons killed in World War II), Charles Frederick Eardley Shakerley and Edward Herbert Frank sell Penmaenucha to Ian Gavin Miller & Marguerite Jeanne Miller.
1989Mark Watson buys Penmaenuchaf Hall and immediate grounds and turns it into The Penmaenuchaf Hall Hotel where you can now stay and soak up the historic atmosphere.
2001Ian Gavin Miller dies. His and the late Margeurite`s children inherit Dinas Properties Ltd. which owns the woodlands around Penmaenucha.

Prior to 1864, I have limited information relating to the previous occupiers, and would be grateful to receive correspondence from any readers with any earlier records or local knowledge..
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