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The Penmaenuchaf Estate Hydroelectric Generator

The old electricity generator Engine Shed at Penmaenuchaf, Penmaenpool North Wales. Once the 'power station' for Penmaenuchaf Hall.
Penmaenuchaf was among the pioneering few in installing the miracle of electricity back in 1901.

Before mains electricity arrived in Penmaenpool, the reservoir at the top of the woodland track (see maps) used to supply a head of water to power a hydroelectric generator. The water was channeled through an iron pipe down to the pelton wheel turbine in the Engine Shed (picture left). The electricity was supplied to Penmaenuchaf Hall and the Coachman's house.

In the summer months, if there was limited water supplies, the turbine was supplemented by an oil-powered motor.

Having electricity would have been a major status symbol and the height of technology. Notwithstanding the benefits enjoyed by the Colonel and his late night billiard players!

The generator was supplied by Drake and Gorham who were also responsible for electricity generators at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire. The drive belts were supplied by Thomas & Bishop.

Drake and Gorham Electrical Engineers, specialists for design & erection of economical lighting apparatus.
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