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Penmaenuchaf - CADW Reg No. PGW (Gd) 37 (GWY)

The garden/orchard does not have high walls, and did not contain wall fruit. The surviving apple trees are planted in freestanding rows, and a few more fruit trees are against the ends of the terraces. The surrounding walls are like ordinary dry-stone field walls, except for the north wall, which is a retaining wall. There is a row of tall conifers planted along it. The entrance in the south side, via a field-type gate, appears to be the only one except for a small, closed-off gateway on the west, which may have led to a path through the woods.

In the eastern area there are four terraces, with an extra half terrace at the top, retained by dry stone walls. The half terrace has a lower wall stub with a fence on top. The widest terrace, in the middle, has some box on it and may have had a path or been partly ornamental.

The terraces slope down to the east as well as to the north, especially the widest one, which dips quite sharply so that part of its retaining wall, which continues at the same height, is freestanding. A small derelict building lies at the east end of the upper terraces. The top terrace, due to the kink in the wall, extends further south than the orchard area, and is walled across the west end.

There is no sign of any surviving planting on the terraces, apart from the box mentioned, and they are very overgrown. Below the lowest terrace wall, on the north, there is a line of box bushes, and a hard surfaced path can be felt underfoot. There seem to be the remains of a small building in the corner under the terrace wall, but box grows within the walls.

There is no wall or fence between the terraced vegetable garden and the orchard and decorative areas, except for the ends of the terrace walls with fruit trees planted against them. This line of trees would have created an informal and decorative division between the two areas. The apple trees have survived well, and not many are missing. The area north of the apple trees is now overgrown but there is a large clump of bamboo in the middle, and some box, especially near the west wall and leading from the gateway in this wall towards the clump of bamboo; it is probably the remains of hedges edging a path. There are also two apple trees in this area which were once trained as espaliers, and there may have been more.

Apart from the south side, where there is a grassy bank sloping up towards the stable block, and the south-west corner, which adjoins the field north of the rear drive, the garden is surrounded by woodland.

Dry stone wall enclosing the old orchard near the bottom paddock.
Dry stone wall enclosing the old orchardnear the bottom paddock.

Bamboo plantation growing in the terraced vegetable garden at Penmaenuchaf.
Bamboo plantation growing in the terraced vegetable garden at Penmaenuchaf.

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