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Chez Cesarine Holiday Diary

DAY 14: Friday 11th August (continued)

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Gavin Miller goggle-eyed on Grants 100 on holiday in France.
Goggle-eyed Gavin Miller Set a Good Example.

After dinner the mandatory card games ensued. The children did not play for long because there would be much too do the next day packing up to go home. In a mood of gay abandon however, the adults proceeded to finish the remains of the Grants 100. This seemed like a good idea initially but the difficulty of meeting the challenge soon became apparent as Nige and myself got lower and lower in our seats and Gavin clearly getting tired and emotional started wearing the plastic Pere Benoit bottle tops as spectacles. When Nige poured out the last glass of Grants 100 he felt compelled to reach for the camera and squandered the few remaining exposures to photograph the last tumbler before it went down the hatch. Angie was not impressed by this having saved the film for a farewell group photo. "Put it in the family ... album!".

Nige taking holiday schnapps of a bottle of Pere Benoit!
Nige taking holiday schnapps!
Le Drapeau Francais
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