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The London Referendum
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The history of City government in London goes back to the Metropolitan Board of Works in the 1850s with the London County Council being established in 1888.

The Greater London Council was established in 1965 and abolished by the Thatcher government in 1986 when powers were devolved to the London boroughs and inter-London committees and institutions.

The creation of a new city government for London was included in Labour's 1997 Election manifesto when it promised that "following a referendum to confirm popular demand, there will be a new deal for London, with a strategic authority and a mayor, each directly elected."

Following a London wide referendum on 7th May 1998 which saw 72% in favour of the directly elected Mayor and the Greater London Authority the first elections were held in 2000 and then in 2004 and 2008. The next Mayoral and Assembly elections will be held in 2012.


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