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Devolution was planned for the English regions but was shelved following the rejection of the proposals for a North East Assembly.

Devolution referenda were planned for three English Northern Regions: North West, North East and Yorkshire and Humberside.

The draft Bill on the proposed powers and responsibilities of elected regional assemblies was published on 22nd July 2004.

Launching the draft Bill, John Prescott said:

"The Bill would give elected assemblies a wide ranging power to promote economic and social development and to improve and protect the environment. There will also be some detailed powers on specific functions. ôSince the publication of the White Paper we have strengthened the powers of elected regional assemblies in crucial areas such as fire and rescue, stakeholder engagement and planning. Decisions currently made by different sets of unelected bureaucrats will instead be taken by one democratic body elected by the people of the region.

"The Bill shows elected regional assemblies will have the power to improve people's quality of life in the regions, particularly by improving regional economic performance, and to advance sustainable development."

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