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Back roads to Sherbourne, 15 April 2012

On a coach tour to Scotland last week, the bus set off from Dorchester and took a road I wasn't familiar with. It looked very scenic, from what I could see in the pre-dawn light and through the mist. I promised myself I'd take a ride along it soonest, and today being a fine Spring day, I set off.

The road follows what must have been an ancient ridgeway, parelleling an A road the weaves through villages in the valley. One of them is Cerne Abbas and there is a convenient parking place just off the road to take in the famous giant. The minor road has no such view, but is nevertheless spectacular. I stopped several times for photo opportunities.

Eventually I got to the end of the road at Sherbourne. What a pretty little town. The main church was once an abbey so it looks like a mini-cathedral, and the whole town - having benefited from generations of munificent bigwigs in the adjacent castle, has something of a cathedral town feel to it.


A newly discovered Dorset byway, Spring sunshine over my shoulder, bike purring away under me. It don't get much better.