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Norton Fitzwarren, 4 August 2012

Steam Fayre and Vintage Vehicle Rally

A slightly damp ride out to Norton Fitzwarren today. With "showers" - actually storms - rolling up and inland from the Severn, the 25th West Somerset Railway Steam Fayre and Vintage Vehicle Rally turned into a bit of a mudbath! Fortunately, I didn't feel compelled to view any more than about twenty each of the steam traction engines, military vehicles, veteran motorcycles, tractors and static engines. (I skipped the field full of vintage cars altogether.)

Getting out of the car parking field was a challenge: motorcrossing a 300 kg touring bike is heavy on the hips. Kinda exciting, though... I wonder if there'd be room in the garage for a little trail-style bike....

No, perhaps not. Anyway, the ride home was glorious. Leaving the showers behind, my mystery-tour sat-nav software on my not-very-smart-phone took me along some wonderfully scenic roads that were quite new to me. Cleaning the red Somerset mud off boots, trousers and bike pleasantly whiled away the rest of the afternoon.


This was the only merryweather I came across at the Fayre.

As I observed to the gentleman I actually came to see, there are only so many wheezing, spluttering ancient machines - with their accompanying wheezing, spluttering ancient owners - you can reasonably handle in a single day. He was comfortably out of the rain in the craft tent selling his rather nice hand-turned wood pens. I have a fountain pen and a roller ball from Gylla Wood Pens (http://www.gyllawoodpens.co.uk/gylla.html) and they made me a propelling pencil to complete the set.


It's made from a gnarled piece of oak with gold dust bonded in resin rubbed in to the cracks and crevices. Nice.