Arty Stuff


My first attempt at creating these simple meditative aids.  It's traditionally done in central European countries around Yuletide, but it filled in a quite moment for me at Beltane.  Melt some lead (used air rifle pellets, in my case) in a spoon.  I used a camping stove, but it's traditionally done over a candle flame. When melted, pour into cold water.  Examine shapes formed (they are more intriguing than these fuzzy close-up photos suggest) and see what they suggest to you.  Or if you're as pretentious as me, mount them on scraps of wood to pass off as works of art.


And here are a few more made with a blow torch and some left-over lead flashing, with the help of Leila, Annabelle, Nemea, and Nemea's buddy, Juliet.



A lead girlgoyle (a gargoyle based on a cast of Nemea's face) for my gazebo. A messy business involving clay, plaster and yet more molten lead. Full story attached

... next up will be Leila and Annabelle, remodelled as the Ivy Nymph and the Oak Fairy
There was a little clay left, so grandad and Leila did a quick self-portrait each...

  ... and Leila made a miniature rock garden with the left-over plaster.

(The above were painted with some acrylic paints and posh brushes, bought on instruction from Uncle Michael for some forthcoming art lessons.  None of us had used acrylic paint before - or posh brushes - so we couldn't resist having a go.)

Polished Stone Jewellery

Our latest venture is polished stone jewellery. We tumble polish stones for four weeks then mount them on necklace chains, key rings, silk cords, or ear-ring loops, using simple fittings from a lapidary supplier.

We have a few colourful stones from all over the world, supplied by the shop, but our best ones are those we find while out and about in fields and on beaches.

It all started as an idea for a stall to raise funds for the school at the summer fair. But somehow we got carried away and ended up with something of a surplus. Watch out for us at local craft fairs any time from now until the end of time.