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On 13 July, Julie Burchill answered questions live on News Unlimited. Several hundred messages were posted, and a number of users have asked us to provide a transcript of her comments.

Wednesday July 14, 1999
The Guardian

On whether she will write a rebuttal to the Daily Mail's attack on her maternal qualities:
Hello, it's me. Re my worst mother in Britain status; I won't be writing a rebuttal, as I am not a whining crybaby like the two fools I married. Thank you for your interest though.

On whether she is really a communist:
Re what makes a good communist; I think it has to do with faith as much as anything else, and faith is hard to explain. I think I would have thrived under Soviet state capitalism. Writers who toed the party line were very well rewarded, with dachas on the Black Sea and such.

On why people either love or hate her:
I think the majority of people are totally indifferent to me, which doesn't bother me at all. I have never craved the approval of strangers, or anyone come to that.

On a proposed biopic, and who should star in it:
Re my life story as a feature film; It is actually going to be made, provisionally entitled ANGEL. I would think that perfect casting might be Sherilyn Fenn for the first 20 years, and Jo Brand for the second 20.

On getting a man:
Anyone can get a man - especially a man.

On 'not actually having much to say about anything':
It's a fair cop guvnor! I've been in this racket since I was 17 and I'm 40 now; I'd be lying if I said that I still felt as strongly about every little thing as I once did.

On making a difference:
I know I should, and I wish I could, but I have been a one-trick pony so long I wouldn't know where to start. This is my tragedy. But, hey, I'm bearing up!

On the difference between misery and depression: There is a difference between misery and depression. I have often felt mis because I'd spent all my money on confectionary and had nothing left to pay the taxman with, but I'd never claim that this was an illness that needed treating. It wasn't. I'm just greedy.

On whether Brighton is for people who are scared of London:
No, Brighton is not for people who are scared of London; it's for people who are tired of spending half their lives in gridlock and the other half avoiding Janet Street-Porter.

On being called the smartest woman in Britain:
It was a joke even then, in the 80s, and it's certainly a howl now my brain has turned to mush. What people fail to get about me is that I totally can see myself how I really am; I've got no illusions as to my importance in the scheme of things. The smartest woman in Britain is Barbara Castle.

Signing off:
I'm sorry to have answered so few questions, but I have been effectively consumed by the love of my people. I KNEW this would happen.

I'll be back - I love you all,


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