Julie Burchill on Israel back to Julie

Small country, big impression

or, why the best value holidays are in war zones

In Autumn 2004, Julie visited Israel, already being a great philo-semite. She fell in love (with the country). Her article in the Times positively gushes....

You can read the gushing 'My nation of heroes' here

and the Times' attempt to temper the debate: Israel's atrocities.

The letters page rocked and rocked and rocked, as did the emails to this website (er, thanks).

And then there was more, as Julie suddenly became Israel's favourite columnist. Read Charlotte Halle's article in The Haaretz newspaper
and 'There is a heaven' from the Israeli Insider.

As Julie has already expressed her desire to move to Israel, this could run and run.

The full-length unedited version of Julie's Times article is also available here: Tel Aviv will do just fine