DNSQRY [/?] [/LARGEUDP[+|-]] [/RECURSIVE[+|-]] [/TCP[+|-]] [/UDP[+|-]] [/SERVERIP address] [/SERVER name] [/SERVICE name] [/WELLKNOWNPORT port] [/CLIENTIP address] [/CLIENTPORT port] [/IP6[+|-]] type name


The DNSQRY command is a thin command-line wrapper around a lightweight DNS client. It sends a query to the given server and waits for responses. It prints both the query and the response(s) in a compact, yet human-readable, form.

DNSQRY passes the name argument through the standard name qualification procedure.

DNSQRY has the same timeout algorithm as other DNS clients in the Internet Utilities.

DNSQRY is a superior alternative to NSLOOKUP (the query tool provided with BIND and hence supplied with IBM OS/2).

Command-specific options

Set the RD bit in the query. This bit is meaningless in practice.
Enable/disable the use of DNS/TCP. If DNS/TCP is disabled, and Large UDP support is not enabled, you may see truncated responses.
Enable/disable the use of DNS/UDP. This is available for debugging purposes — the primary function of the DNSQRY command — but is not recommended as an everyday practice.

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