COPYPLUS — Copy or concatenate files and directories


COPYPLUS [/?] [/A[+|-]drash] [/S[+|-]drash] [/E/N/Q/U/V[+|-]] Sources… [Destination]


Display command syntax information.
Select files by attribute.

The traditional alternative meaning for the /A option in the COPY command is not required and thus its consequent syntactic oddities are not implemented.

Recurse into subdirectories.
Do not display non-fatal error messages.
Simulate execution.
Do not display summary information.
Operate quietly.
Force verify to be on.


The COPYPLUS command provides the full functionality of the "traditional" COPY command. As a consequence, like the latter its command line syntax is idiosyncratic, its semantics are complex, and it does not operate quite like any other commands. For a simpler command that supports the most common usage of the "traditional" COPY command and that operates in the way that the MOVE and RENAME commands do, use the supplied COPYSTD command instead.

The COPYPLUS command copies files, optionally concatenating them with other files in the process.

The COPYPLUS command first processes the contents of the CMD_COPY_INIT environment variable, if it has inherited one, as if it were a command tail, before processing any of the command tails that have been passed to it. This allows one to modify default options globally. (One can use command aliases or wrapper scripts to achieve the same effect.)

The non-option arguments to COPYPLUS comprise a series of source specifications, followed by an optional destination specificiation.

Each source specification comprises a primary wildcard specifications, optionally followed by zero or more secondary wildcard specifications each preceded with a '+' (plus) character. The optional destination specification comprises just a substitution wildcard specification.

COPYPLUS operates as follows:


To iterate over all *.TOP files, concatenating the matching *.MID and *.BOT files if present, use the command:

  [c:\]copyplus *.top+*.mid+*.bot
  1.mid ->> ->>
  2.mid ->> ->>
           4 files copied of 2 files found.

To iterate over all *.TOP files, concatenating the matching *.MID and *.BOT files if present, placing the results in multiple *.TXT files, use the command:

  [c:\]copyplus *.top+*.mid+*.bot *.txt -> 1.txt
  1.mid ->> 1.txt ->> 1.txt -> 2.txt
  2.mid ->> 2.txt ->> 2.txt
           6 files copied of 2 files found.

Notice that even if the files 3.MID and 3.BOT exist, the above command does not copy them because the file 3.TOP does not exist. *.TOP is the only directory search wildcard; *.MID, *.BOT, and *.TXT are substitution wildcards used on all of the filenames resulting from the directory search.

To iterate over all *.TOP, *.MID, and *.BOT files, placing the results in one big file named DOCUMENT, use the command:

  [c:\]copyplus *.top+*.mid+*.bot document -> document ->> document
  1.mid ->> document
  2.mid ->> document
  3.mid ->> document ->> document ->> document ->> document
           8 files copied of 8 files found.


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