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Book Publications



My new collection Stan's Highway is now published (2013)

This is a collection that I was working on when my father fell ill and died in 2010. When I resumed writing I decided to write some poems about his life and how it set mine in motion, add them to the poems I had already and to dedicate the collection to him. All author's royalties from this collection will go to charities related to my Dad's illness.

Visit Amazon to purchase a copy, price £5.99



Private Histories

My first collection, Private Histories, was published in 2004 by the UKA Press

Available from Amazon - price £4.99


Had Van Gogh Had A Day Job

My second collection was published in 2008 by Indigo Dreams Press.

Had Van Gogh Had A Day Job

Please visit Amazon to purchase - price £4.99

A review of this book appears in South poetry - issue 40



I have poems included in the following anthologies

Voices From the Web 2004/2005/2006/2007/2008

Bluechrome Anthologies 2004/2005

Prague Tales 2007

By the Winter Fires 2009

Crab Lines off the Pier 2010

Visible Breath 2010


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