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Chat room is up on Friday, 10pm come and chat !!

I'm looking to buy a Blatino and I would like some feedback of what people think of them and if they are worth the money. ALSO I AM SELLING MY GOPED ON THIS PAGE. PLEASE SEND ME OFFERS ON IT, IT HAS BEEN SERVICED AND STRENGTHENED ENGINE FIXINGS..ETC ETC.

All feedback is taken into consideration, I am going to post ramp plans and tricks to try out.... Any ramp plans sent to me will be posted along with any new tricks you can do. Just itching to discuss something then post it on the message board, it's really really easy to use.

This website has a chat room and a message board.  I am situated in Glasgow, and want to know about your ped and where you live so send a pic and description to

A guy in Livingston has set up a club so contact him for information on

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If you have a problem could you email me them, thank you.

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