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Although this study concerns the descendents of James Woods and Elizabeth Cluskey, a brief look at their origins establishes a reference framework for this report.

Jamesí parents were Richard Woods and Mary Caraher, both born 1811.  Richards Parents, Richard Woods and Arabella Celery, came from Wales.  Mary Caraher died in 1871 while both she and Richard were living with James and Elizabeth at Clonburton.

Elizabeth's parents were Thomas Cluskey and Margaret Halpeny.  The census of 1821 for the area of Trim in County Meath lists a family of Halpeny's with data and timescales that match Margaret's, making her birth in 1809.  Records indicate that Thomas Halpeny was born on 21st November 1771 in Ardee to Pat Halpeny and Caty Ward.  No further information is available at this time.

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