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Hope this site will help you to research your family tree as well as mine.  If you have any information to help build this tree further it would be greatly appreciated.

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This website is an outgrowth of a report published in 1978 which detailed the then known ancestors of John and James Woods reached back into the early 1800ís, and in one line to 1776.  A review of the Woods portion of that study clearly indicates that most of the substantive data for this line starts with James Woods and Elizabeth Cluskey, who were born in the 1845 time frame.

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The site contains descendents of James and Elizabeth which paints a mural of Ireland and America from the mid-1800ís to the late 1900ís.  I have updated the origins of James and Elizabeth as shown on the origins page, where information is proving difficult to find.  So if you can possibly enlighten us further, this will be appreciated very much.

 Information required to update my website, please send if you have any

Thank you for your contribution and hope we have updated as appropriate.  If you spot anything wrong, out of date or requires additions - please let me know.  Just had a few more updates on the tree, keep sending them through.  This website does get updated.  E-mail

There is a Facebook page for our family created by Erin, James Woods - Elizabeth Cluskey 1867-1900 Family Tree group  please join, all are welcome.  Also let us know if you know of any changes, we like to hear from you.

Pictures always welcome to the address below. Visit my picture gallery

Woods in Ardee Jo and Steve's Wedding Trip to Ireland Emma and Johns Wedding

A big thank you for the help of Jack Woods who undertook the initial study in 1983 and without most of his work our relatives in America would not be known.  Designed and maintained by Diane Woods.

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