Forever Knight
(1992 — 1996)
Flag of United States

60 Minute Drama
Supernatural / Crime

1992 — 1996

CBS (1992 — 1993)
Syndicated (1994 — 1996)

CBS: 1 Season / 22 Episodes
Syndicated: 2 Seasons / 49 Episodes

Vampire series starring Geraint Wyn Davies as Detective Nick Knight, a vampire who wants to become mortal again.

Rather unusually, the series came from a pilot that had been broadcast nearly three years earlier under the title Nick Knight. The series ran for three years before finishing in a fairly conclusive manner that involved the use of stakes...
Original Novels
Forever Knight: A Stirring of Dust

A Stirring of Dust cover image
by Susan Sizemore
  • United States
  • Paperback
  • Boulevard
  • 1997
Forever Knight: Intimations of Mortality

Intimations of Mortality cover image
by Susan M Garrett
  • United States
  • Paperback
  • Boulevard
  • 1997
Forever Knight: These Our Revels

These Our Revels cover image
by Anne Hathaway-Nayne
  • United States
  • Paperback
  • Boulevard
  • 1998
Back Cover Blurb
He has walked the night beat for centuries. He is one of the finest homicide detectives in Toronto. But Nick Knight wishes he could shed the curse of his true calling. The burn of the thirst. The thrill of the kill. The endless nights longing to be human...and not a vampire.

It's midsummer of 1599, and the dashing Nicholas Chevalier is having the time of his immortal life, acting in the company of his friend, Will Shakespeare. But pretending to be human — on stage and off — will have devastating effects.

A tortured woman involved with the famous playwright forces Nick to question his vampire life in a way that will affect everyone around him, mortal and immortal. And, in another part of the city, a ship has landed, bringing one Javier Vachon, and his new companion Screed, whose clumsy deeds threaten to reveal the vampire community to the world...