(1999 — 2003)
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60 Minute Drama
Science Fiction

1999 — 2003


4 Seasons / 89 Episodes

Outer space series in which astronaut John Crichton accidentally passes through a wormhole to a galaxy on the other side of the universe. He is subsequently picked up by Moya, a living spaceship, and together with the crew he tries to find a way home whilst evading the clutches of the Peacekeepers and Scorpius.

The series was unexpectedly cancelled after Season 4, although The Peacekeeper Wars, a two-part mini-series to tie-up the loose ends, was produced later.
Original Novels
Farscape: Dark Side of the Sun

The Dark Side of the Sun cover image
by Andrew Dymond
  • UK
  • Paperback
  • Boxtree
  • 2000
  • Book One
Other Editions
Flag of United States Farscape: Dark Side of the Sun
United States / Paperback / Tor / 2001 / #2 / 0765340011
Back Cover Blurb — Tor
"A weekly jolt of imagination overload."
The New York Times

Lost and alone in an uncharted region of space. American astronaut John Crichton has found refuge of a sort aboard Moya, a living starship sheltering a fractious band of bizarre alien beings. But now Moya is dying of a pernicious infection, and the only cure in light years belongs to the leader of a vicious gang of space pirates. Crichton and his mismatched companions must strike a bargain with the dreaded Free-Trader, Jansz, or else perish along with their vessel.

An already perilous situation escalates to open warfare when Rygel XVI, deposed leader of a vast interstellar empire, discovers that his long-lost love is being held captive by the pirates. Will Rygel let his own pride and passion place Crichton, Aeryn an the others in mortal jeopardy?

Of course he will...

"An adventurous, whimsical and spectacular space series...more satisfying than the new Star Wars film."
The Washington Post on Farscape
  • Andrew Dymond is a pen-name of Jim Mortimore, best known for writing original novels based on Doctor Who and Babylon 5 and novelising various episodes of the UK crime drama Cracker.
Farscape: House of Cards

House of Cards cover image
by Keith DeCandido
  • UK
  • Paperback
  • Boxtree
  • 2001
  • Book Two
Other Editions
Flag of United States Farscape: House of Cards
United States / Paperback / Tor / 2001 / #1 / 0812561627
Back Cover Blurb — Tor
The pleasure planet Liantac was once the greatest gambling resort in the Uncharted Territories. Even now, having fallen on hard times, it remains a spectacle of glitz and greed.

Astronaut John Crichton and his fellow interstellar fugitives see Liantac as the source of much-needed supplies — except for Rygel, whose boundless avarice is tempted by the promise of easy riches. Imagine his shock, then, when he loses their starship, Moya, in a game of chance!

To discharge the debt, and liberate their ship from the planetary authorities, Crichton, Aeryn, and the others must take on a number of challenging assignments. But all is not what it seems, for treachery and deadly intrigue hides within this...House of Cards.
Farscape: Ship of Ghosts

Ship of Ghosts cover image
by David Bischoff
  • UK
  • Paperback
  • Boxtree
  • 2001
  • Book Three
Other Editions
Flag of United States Farscape: Ship of Ghosts
United States / Paperback / Tor / 2002 / #3 / 076534002X
Back Cover Blurb — Tor
Lost and alone in unknown territory, astronaut John Crichton has found a refuge of sorts aboard Moya, a vast living starship sheltering a fractious band of bizarre alien fugitives. Now Moya and her squabbling inhabitants have run afoul of a mysterious space vessel that only seems to be deserted. In truth, the ship belongs to a race of strange astral entities who lure the unlucky wayfarers into their clutches.

Desperate to fulfill an ancient prophecy, the crew of the "ghost ship" will stop at nothing to escape their limbo-like existence, forcing Crichton and the others to brave the mystic terrors of an alien realm in order to free the restless spirits — not to mention themselves!
  • The inside of the book acknowledges Martha Bayless as co-author.