The War Game

(United Kingdom | BBC | 1985)

DVD Releases

The War Game has been released on DVD in both the UK and the United States. The latter edition is paired with Culloden, also from writer/director Peter Watkins.
The War Game

Peter Watkins
Cover image: The War Game, Sphere Books (1967)
Country UK
Format Paperback
Publisher Sphere Books
Publication Date 1967
Original Price UNKNOWN

The War Game is a novelisation of the Oscar-winning BBC drama-documentary.

Other Editions
Cover image: The War Game, Avon Books (1967) The War Game
United States | Paperback | Avon Books | 1967
Television Play
50 Minutes | BBC1 | Black and White

31/07/85 The War Game Peter Watkins
  • Both editions of the book contain photographs from the film.
  • The War Game is an Oscar-winning drama-documentary by Peter Watkins about a nuclear attack on the UK. It was produced for the BBC in 1965 and then banned prior to transmission as it was felt that it might unduly worry certain sections of the population. It was to be another twenty years before the film was to finally receive its television premiere as part of the BBC's After the Bomb season, which marked the fortieth anniversary of the dropping of the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

    Anyone interested in other television productions on the theme of a nuclear apocalypse should check out the DVD of BBC1's incredibly bleak 1984 drama Threads, which follows the inhabitants of Sheffield throughout the build-up and aftermath of a nuclear strike, and also two equivalents from the United States in the shape of the TV movies The Day After and By Dawn's Early Light.
  • Peter Watkins, who wrote and directed The War Game, was also responsible for producing Culloden, another acclaimed drama-documentary for the BBC.