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Series Background

While the 1960s had seen the BBC produce The War Game and then decide not to show it for fear of frightening viewers, things had changed by 1984. The Cold War was still very much at its height, and, with the presence of American cruise missiles on British soil, the subject of nuclear armament was rarely out of the news. The time would never be better for a play about a nuclear war and its effect on the UK, so the BBC produced what has justifiably been described as one of the most horrific and compelling dramas ever seen on television.

Threads followed the inhabitants of the city of Sheffield throughout the build-up to a nuclear war — after an invasion of Iran by the Soviet Union escalates into full-blown conflict — and the effect on the survivors in the decade following the detonation of a nuclear warhead near to the city. And to make it as realistic as possible, the BBC enlisted the inhabitants of Sheffield as extras, as well as recruiting a veritable army of consultants and advisers.

Needless to say, as nuclear holocaust dramas go, Threads is now considered the absolute pinnacle of the genre — US attempts such as The Day After and By Dawn's Early Light don't even come close — and it still makes for an extremely grim and sobering viewing experience a quarter of a century later.
DVD Releases

Threads has been released on DVD in the UK. Subtitles.
Threads and Other Sheffield Plays

M Mangan
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Country UK
Format Paperback
Publisher Continuum International Publishing
Publication Date UNKNOWN
Original Price UNKNOWN
ISBN 1850751404

Threads and other Sheffield Plays contains the script to the BBC1 play Threads.

Book Contents
  • Pawnbroker Hocks the Moon — Howard Russell
    Details unknown. If anyone has any information and can help, please get in contact via the contact details on the front page of the site.
  • Welcome to the Times — Dave Sheasby
    This would appear to have started out as a play for BBC radio (transmitted 24/06/85) and was supposedly later turned into a film for the BBC, although details of that version are currently not available. If anyone can help fill in the blanks, please get in contact via the email link at the top of the page.
  • Threads — Barry Hines
Television Play
90 Minutes | BBC1 | Colour

23/09/84 Threads Barry Hines