The Storyteller

(United Kingdom | Channel 4 | 1988)

DVD Releases

The Storyteller has been released on DVD in the UK over two volumes. In the United States it has been released in a box set which also includes the follow-up series Greek Myths.
The Storyteller

Anthony Minghella
Cover image: The Storyteller, Boxtree Ltd (1988)
Country UK
Format Paperback
Publisher Boxtree Ltd
Publication Date 1988
Original Price 6.95
ISBN 1852830271

The Storyteller is a novelisation of all nine episodes from the television series of the same name.

Other Editions
The Storyteller
UK | Hardback | Boxtree Ltd | 1988 | 9.95 | 1852830263
The Storyteller
United States | Alfred A Knopf | 1991 | 039458256X
Cover image: The Storyteller, Random House (2000) The Storyteller
United States | Hardback | Random House | 2000 | 0679453113
Cover image: The Storyteller, Random House (2000) The Storyteller
United States | Paperback | Random House | 2000 | 0375702156
Television Episodes
30 Minutes | Channel 4 | Colour

15/05/88 The Soldier and Death Anthony Minghella
22/05/88 Fearnot Anthony Minghella
29/05/88 The Luck Child Anthony Minghella
05/06/88 A Story Short Anthony Minghella
12/06/88 Hans My Hedgehog Anthony Minghella
19/06/88 The Three Ravens Anthony Minghella
26/06/88 Sapsorrow Anthony Minghella
03/07/88 The Heartless Giant Anthony Minghella
10/07/88 The True Bride Anthony Minghella
  • After writing the stories for The Storyteller, Anthony Minghella went on to write screenplays for a number of highly successful films including The English Patient.
  • Greek Myths, a sequel to The Storyteller, was produced for Channel 4 and was first shown in 1990. The series comprised four thirty-minute episodes, each of which dealt with a specific myth. The episodes were: Theseus & the Minotaur (01/12/90), Perseus & the Gorgon (08/12/90), Orpheus & Eurydice (15/12/90) and Daedalus & Icarus (22/12/90).
Cover image of the Boxtree edition supplied by Tim Neal
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