Solid Geometry

(United Kingdom | BBC | Not Produced)

DVD Releases

Jack Flea's Birthday, The Imitation Game and the 2002 production of Solid Geometry by Denis Lawson have never been released commercialy on either DVD or video.
The Imitation Game: Three Plays for Television

Ian McEwan
Cover image: The Imitation Game: Three Plays for Television, Cape (1981)
Country UK
Format Hardback
Publisher Cape
Publication Date 1981
Original Price 5.95
ISBN 0224018892

The Imitation Game: Three Plays for Television contains scripts to three plays written by Ian McEwan, including the unproduced science fiction play Solid Geometry.

Other Editions
Cover image: The Imitation Game: Three Plays for Television, Picador (1982) The Imitation Game: Three Plays for Television
UK | Paperback | Picador | 1982 | 1.95 | 0330268309
Cover image: The Imitation Game & Other Plays, Houghton Mifflin (1982) The Imitation Game & Other Plays
United States | Hardback | Houghton Mifflin | 1982 | 0395325153
The Imitation Game was never published in paperback in the United States.
Television Plays
Second City Firsts
30 Minutes | BBC2 | Colour

10/04/76 Jack Flea's Birthday Celebration Ian McEwan

(Series Unknown)
Script Never Produced | BBC1 | Colour

1979 Solid Geometry Ian McEwan

Play for Today
90 Minutes | BBC1 | Colour

24/04/80 The Imitation Game Ian McEwan
  • Ian McEwan's script to Solid Geometry was originally due to be produced for BBC1 in 1979, but was cancelled several days before it was due to go into production after the sexual nature of a number of the scenes started to cause concern. And that's before you even get to the (not-so-)small matter of a pickled penis in a jar...

    It told the tale of a man who inherits his grandfather's journals, and who, whilst editing them, discovers a secret relating to "the plane without a surface." After experimenting with the instructions in the diaries. he discovers that he can make objects, and people, disappear.

    The story was eventually filmed for television but with a new script written by Denis Lawson (Star Wars / Natural Lies / Holby City) and starring Ewan McGregor and Ruth Millar. It was produced in 2002 as part of the New Found Land film scheme and was transmitted on Channel 4 in November 2002.
  • The original short story on which the two scripts were based was first published in Ian McEwan's 1976 collection First Love, Last Rites (Cape, 1975).