Mystery and Imagination

(United Kingdom | ITV | 1966 – 1970)

Archive Status / DVD Releases

Only The Fall of the House of Usher and The Open Door still exist from the opening three seasons of Mystery and Imagination, which comprised a total of eighteen episodes. Seasons 4 and 5 are still complete in the archives.

A DVD box set containing all eight existing episodes, as well as the only known excerpt from Casting the Runes, has been released in the UK. The release also includes an extensive photo gallery and a booklet about the production of the series. No subtitles.
Great Stories of Mystery and Imagination

Bryan Douglas
Cover image: Great Stories of Mystery and Imagination, Fontana (1966)
Country UK
Format Paperback
Publisher Fontana
Publication Date 1966
Original Price 3/6

Collection of short stories which were all adapted for ITV's Mystery and Imagination anthology series.

Back Cover Blurb

THE BODY SNATCHER...Doctors whose enthusiasm for surgery knew no bounds...

LOST HEARTS...The brilliant scholar had all that he needed; money, a beautiful house, peace — except...hearts — other people's hearts.

THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER...Edgar Allan Poe's classic story of horror: a great's haunted heir...and the sister he loved more than life itself...

THE PHANTOM LOVER...She was obsessed by a ghost...a ghost who reached out of the past to take her...

ROOM 13...How could there be a shadow dancing wildly on the wall? A reflection from a room that didn't exist...?

...AND OTHER MAGNIFICENT TALES from the TV series that is enthralling millions of viewers...
Book Contents
  • The Body Snatcher — Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Room 13 — MR James
    A re-titled version of the short story Number 13.
  • The Phantom Lover — Vernon Lee
  • Lost Hearts — MR James
  • The Fall of the House of Usher — Edgar Allan Poe
  • The Canterville Ghost — Oscar Wilde
  • The Tractate Middoth — MR James
  • Carmilla — Sheridan Le Fanu
Television Episodes
60 Minutes | ITV | Colour

05/02/66 The Body Snatcher Robert Muller
12/02/66 The Fall of the House of Usher David Campton
05/03/66 The Body Tractate Middoth Dennis Webb
12/02/66 The Canterville Ghost Giles Cooper
22/10/66 Room 13 Evelyn Frazer
12/11/66 Carmilla Stanley Miller
19/11/66 The Phantom Lover George E Kerr
  • The photograph on the front cover is from the episode The Tractate Middoth.
  • Mystery and Imagination was an anthology series on ITV between 1966 and 1970. Specialising in stories of the supernatural, the first three seasons were produced in black and white by ABC. After their ITV franchise was merged with Rediffusion to form Thames Television in 1968, a further three episodes were produced in black and white. The switch to colour in 1969 was just in time for Season 5 of Mystery and Imagination which again consisted of three episodes. Unlike the earlier ABC episodes, the six made by Thames were all produced for a ninety-minute slot.
  • The Canterville Ghost has been produced for television on a number of other other occasions in the UK. A second adaptation of Lost Hearts was produced as BBC1's annual Ghost Story for Christmas in 1973, and was one of only two that were actually broadcast on Christmas Day itself. BBC Four produced a new version of Number 13 for broadcast just before Christmas 2006.
  • The stories contained within Great Stories of Mystery and Imagination are now all out of copyright and can be freely found online.
Cover image and back cover blurb supplied by Alan Hayes
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