The Moon Stallion

(United Kingdom | BBC | 1978)

DVD Releases

The Moon Stallion has been released in a heavily edited form on video in the UK, although this has long since been deleted.

More recently The Moon Stallion has been released on DVD in Germany as a three-part compilation. As the series was a co-production with a German company, the title sequences to each of the episodes is in German, however the episodes themselves use the original English language soundtrack.
The Moon Stallion

Brian Hayles
Cover image: The Moon Stallion, Mirror Books (1978)
Country UK
Format Paperback
Publisher Mirror Books
Publication Date 1976
Original Price 60p
ISBN 0859391345

The Moon Stallion is a novelisation of the children's television serial of the same name.

Back Cover Blurb
When the Purwells set out to explore the land of the real King Arthur, they find themselves caught up in a hunt for the Moon Stallion, a beautiful but dangerous beast without mortal master. Mortenhurze, Purwell's patron, wants revenge. Todman, a horse warlock, has more sinister intentions. Both men seek to capture the mysterious horse, so that its magic powers will become theirs to command.

But they are no match for the dark forces of myth and magic which still exist among the Berkshire hills. Only Diana, who is blind, is allowed a glimpse of the truth. With Merlin's help, she learns that the Moon Stallion is beyond the reach of ambitious men. It is part of a legend which unites past, present and future...
Television Serial
The Moon Stallion
6 × 25 Minutes | BBC1 | Colour

15/11/78 Part One Brian Hayles
22/11/78 Part Two Brian Hayles
29/11/78 Part Three Brian Hayles
06/12/78 Part Four Brian Hayles
13/12/78 Part Five Brian Hayles
20/12/78 Part Six Brian Hayles
Back cover blurb by Stephen Barker