Knights of God

(United Kingdom | ITV | 1987)

DVD and Video Releases

Knights of God has never been released commercially, either on DVD or video.
Knights of God

Richard Cooper
Cover image: Knights of God, Lions (1987)
Country UK
Format Paperback
Publisher Lions
Publication Date 1987
Original Price 2.25
ISBN 0006725341

Knights of God is a novelisation of the thirteen-part television serial of the same name.

Back Cover Blurb
The love between Gervase and Julia was very strong. But are they strong enough to stand up to Prior Mordrin, the ruthless dictator who with his Knights of God now rules a rebellious Britain in this year 2020?

"I have all power of life and death in this country," said Mordrin, who is determined to root out and destroy all those resistant to his will. Gervase is the one he needs to help him in this task. And, at last, Mordrin has him in his clutches.
Television Series
Knights of God
13 × 30 Minutes | ITV | Colour

06/09/87 — 06/12/87(Titles Unknown) Richard Cooper
  • A series set in 2020 that was 30% Robin of Sherwood, 30% Survivors and 40% anything else they could think of. The series was created by Richard Cooper who was responsible for the memorable children's drama Codename Icarus