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DVD Releases

Hogfather was released on DVD in three different forms in the UK: a one disc edition, a two disc edition and a limited edition set with numbered packaging and a signed card by Terry Pratchett. The one disc edition contained just the two individual episodes with 5.1 sound. The two disc edition (also contained in the limited edition set) also contained a full disc of extras, including the Whole Hog documentary on the making of the production, a photo gallery, deleted scenes and the 12 Days of Hogswatch featurettes. All versions are subtitled.

Hogfather has also been released in the United States, on both Blu-ray and DVD.
The Illustrated Hogfather Screenplay

Vadim Jean
Cover image: The Illustrated Hogfather Screenplay, Gollancz (2006)
Country UK
Format Hardback
Publisher Gollancz
Publication Date November 2006
Original Price 20.00
ISBN 978-0575079298

The Illustrated Hogfather Screenplay contains the complete script to the Sky One mini-series.

Back Cover Blurb
Hogswatchnight is fast approaching, and the Hogfather (that jolly fat man who delivers presents to the kiddies) is missing. But it's vital that all the presents are delivered, otherwise the sun won't rise tomorrow.

However, there is another supernatural entity who can be everywhere at once and, most importantly, knows where everybody lives. And Death reckons that with a false beard and a few cushions, it might just work. And while Death is busy working out the mysteries of climbing down chimneys and drinking sherry, it's up to Susan to track down the real Hogfather.

It's a dark time of the year. There are monsters afoot. And some of them look just like us. HO HO HO. You'd better watch out...

Terry Pratchett's bestseller, adapted and directed by Vadim Jean, is a two-part live-action/CGI film starring David Jason, to be premiered on Sky One in December 2006.
Other Editions
Cover image: The Illustrated Hogfather Screenplay, Gollancz (2007) The Illustrated Hogfather Screenplay
UK | Paperback | Gollancz | December 2007 | 14.99 | 978-0575080393
Television Story
2 × 120 Minutes | Sky One | Colour

17/12/06 (UNTITLED) Vadim Jean
18/12/06 (UNTITLED) Vadim Jean
  • Hogfather was a two-part mini-series produced for Sky One, which was based on the Discworld book of the same name by fantasy author Terry Pratchett. A second Discworld production, The Colour of Magic, was produced by the same team in 2008, although actor David Jason would now be playing Rincewind rather than Albert.