Codename Icarus

(United Kingdom | BBC | 1981)

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Codename Icarus has been released on DVD in the United States. Subtitles.
Codename Icarus

Richard Cooper
Cover image: Codename Icarus, BBC Books / Knight Books (1981)
Country UK
Format Paperback
Publisher BBC Books / Knight Books
Publication Date 1981
Original Price 95p
ISBN 0340275359

Codename Icarus is a novelisation of the children's television serial of the same name.

Back Cover Blurb
"Smith: you are a dirty, messy, stupid, lying clown."

Martin Smith's parents had been to see his Headmaster. Again. The same grumbles, the same complaints, the same feeling of the sour defeat of all their hopes for the boy.

"Word is that you're thick. You know that don't you?"

"Should do sir. I've been told often enough."

How then does Martin Smith gain a place at Falconleigh, a school for children gifted in science and maths, and part of the mysterious Icarus Foundation? And who is the enigmatic figure behind Icarus, and what are his aims?
Other Editions
Codename Icarus
UK | Hardback | BBC Books / Knight Books | 1981 | 5.95 | 0563200405
Television Story
Codename Icarus
5 × 30 Minutes | BBC | Colour

08/12/81 Episode One Richard Cooper
09/12/81 Episode Two Richard Cooper
15/12/81 Episode Three Richard Cooper
16/12/81 Episode Four Richard Cooper
22/12/81 Episode Five Richard Cooper
Cover image: Knights of God, Lions (1987)
  • For people of a certain age — say mid-to-late thirties — there is one children's sci-fi TV programme which tends to crop up time and again in online discussions about old television dramas, and which is whispered about in hushed tones.

    One in which a maths prodigy attended a secretive private school.

    And which featured wild birds in some capacity.

    And also a plan which somehow involved missiles.

    Quite simply, Codename Icarus is it. And the most incredible thing about the series, despite being made over three decades ago, is that it still stands up as a remarkably adult piece of television today — one that would almost certainly put the wind up the commissioning editor of CBBC if it was submitted tomorrow...
  • Richard Cooper was also responsible for writing the thirteen-part Knights of God for TVS in 1987.