The Aphrodite Inheritance

(United Kingdom | BBC | 1979)

DVD Releases

The Aphrodite Inheritance has never been released commercially, either on DVD or video.
The Aphrodite Inheritance

Michael J Bird
Cover image: The Aphrodite Inheritance, Star Books (1979)
Country UK
Format Paperback
Publisher Star Books
Publication Date 1979
Original Price 85p
ISBN 0352302747

The Aphrodite Inheritance is a novelisation of the television serial of the same name.

Back Cover Blurb
David Collier went to Cyprus for his brother's funeral. However much he wished to leave the island, circumstances seemed to force him to stay.

There was something disturbing about the aftermath of Barry's death. David became irresistibly involved in a series of strange events — secret meetings with his dead brother's friends, evidence that Barry had been involved with some covert money-making exploit, veiled threats, inexplicable advice...

The police were incredulous; David was worried and confused. He felt that he had inherited an unwitting role in a drama beyond his comprehension. It troubled him. He wanted to understand...

THE APHRODITE INHERITANCE is now a BBC TV series. An intriguing and original novel, it absorbs the reader into a world where reality is in the eye of the beholder...
Other Editions
Cover image: The Aphrodite Inheritance, Allan Wingate (1979) The Aphrodite Inheritance
UK | Hardback | Allan Wingate | 1979 | 4.95 | 085523380X
Cover image: De Erfenis van Aphrodite, Kern (1979) De Erfenis van Aphrodite
Holland | Hardback | Kern | 1979 | 9032500724
Translated by Marja Hilsum.
Television Episodes
The Aphrodite Inheritance
8 × 50 Minutes | BBC1 | Colour

03/01/79 Episode 1: A Death in the Family Michael J Bird
10/01/79 Episode 2: A Lamb to the Slaughter Michael J Bird
17/01/79 Episode 3: Here We Come Gathering Michael J Bird
24/01/79 Episode 4: A Friend in Need Michael J Bird
31/01/79 Episode 5: Come Into My Parlour Michael J Bird
07/02/79 Episode 6: Said the Spider to the Fly Michael J Bird
14/02/79 Episode 7: The Eyes of Love Michael J Bird
21/02/79 Episode 8: To Touch a Rainbow Michael J Bird
  • The Aphrodite Inheritance was a thriller from the pen of Michael J Bird (Who Pays the Ferryman? / Maelstrom / The Dark Side of the Sun), set in Greece and possibly featuring several of the Greek Gods...