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Welcome to the UK Sci-Fi TV Book Guide!

The object of the site is to provide a complete guide to every single script book, novelisation, original novel and anthology that has been based on a science fiction, fantasy or horror television programme. We're not fussy where the series was made — the website name is purely a holdover from when the site was first launched in 2001!

From the UK, you'll find information on books based on series such as The Avengers, Blake's 7 and Doctor Who. Away from the more famous names, a wealth of information on books based on more obscure programmes such as Codename Icarus, The Moon Stallion and T-Bag can also be found.

From the United States and Canada, favourites such as Star Trek, Babylon 5 and The Twilight Zone are all covered in depth. Relative obscurities such as Men Into Space and Captain Nice also get a look in, not to mention dozens of others in between.

Wherever possible, the entries for each book gives publication details, reproductions of the covers, information on the episodes upon which they are based (assuming they are not wholly original works) and the back cover blurbs. Where known, details are also included of editions published in other countries. As many people are also interested in obtaining copies of the programmes concerned, often to compare the differences with the books, each page also gives an indication of any relevant DVD releases.

It should also be noted that since its inception in 2001 the site has also seen several new sections added which detail books based on a number of radio series as well as TV tie-in editions, i.e. pre-existing books re-released with photographic covers designed to appeal specifically to viewers of television adaptations. Details can therefore be found of the Journey Into Space novelisations, and the script books of the Star Wars radio adaptations.

Obviously, with a site like this there will be mistakes and omissions. If you find anything, or can provide scans of front and back covers for books that have no information, then the Contact / Can You Help? page has details of how you can pass them along. All help is extremely welcome and will be properly acknowledged on the site.

Well, I've rambled long enough — explore the site and if you manage to track down any of the books, have fun reading them!

Sources & Acknowledgments

Building a site like this isn't possible without a great deal of luck and an equal amount of help. Much of the information has come from national library catalogues, magazine articles and my own collection, but details have also been tracked down in a number of other places, such as WorldCat, Wikipedia, Locus, the Internet Speculative Fiction Database and UNESCO's Index Translationum. Not to mention numerous other web pages and blogs in just about every language you can imagine, and probably even a few you can't!

Among the individuals who have provided me with information and/or cover scans are:

Stephen Barker
who's pointed out a huge number of errors and omissions as well as supplying a number of highly elusive cover scans, not to mention supplying back cover blurbs on an industrial scale!

James McFetridge
who's provided the inner cover blurb and cover for the Severn House edition of Earthsearch as well as details and cover of the 2005 re-release of Progetto Quatermass from Italy. More recently he's provided details of the new series of Thunderbirds novels from the United States.

Anthony Forth
who's been called upon to check various versions of the site for mistakes, and who also provided the first decent-quality Dutch Doctor Who cover scans to appear online. More recently he's contributed the covers to the Czech Red Dwarf novels, as well as covers and blurbs for various Doctor Who and Sarah Jane Adventures books.

Alan Hayes
who's provided me with a cover scan of the highly elusive Ensign Books edition of The Andromeda Breakthrough and also details and cover scans for the Shadows anthology. Not to mention cover image and details of the Mystery and Imagination tie-in. Details of his his website devoted to the South African Avengers radio series can be found on the Links page.

Ian Duerden
who's provided a decent quality cover scan of The Nightmare Man.

Sally Inglis
who's provided an extremely useful selection of back cover blurbs for the Dark Shadows page.

Bill Thinnes
who's provided the final cover scans for Avengers novels from both Germany and Chile, as well as providing details of a previously undocumented German omnibus from the 1960s.

Ian Covell
whose knowledge of pseudonyms and publishing details is alarmingly comprehensive thanks to his work on the UK Books Received column for Locus.

Franz Neulinger
who was able to provide details about the German publisher of the omnibus that included Mutant 59: The Plastic Eater.

Kim Stevens
who's seemingly on a mission to acquire scans of only the very rarest tie-ins, namely ManDog and Earthsearch: Mindwarp.

Shaqui Le Vesconte
who's provided covers for books based on various Gerry Anderson series (particularly the Italian Space: 1999) novels, details of the elusive DWB #101 and untangled the mysteries of Mork & Mindy. Check out the Links page for details of Shaqui's excellent website devoted to the comics based on Gerry Anderson's various television series.

Anthony McKay
the former editor of Time Screen, who's sent a number of cover scans all the way from New Zealand. Issues of Time Screen can now be found online at The Mausoleum Club.

David Brunt
who's provided episode details for Worzel Gummidge Down Under and untangled the mysteries of the US Man from U.N.C.L.E. releases.

Marijan Jozic
who's provided details and cover scan for the Yugoslavian edition of the Journey into Space novelisation The World in Peril, as well as an incredibly useful translation of the copyright page!

Cristoforo Calabrese
for supplying details of the Italian television production of A for Andromeda.

Alistair McGown
who's clarified a few matters about Moondial. Details of his excellent Star Maidens site can be found on the Links page. He's also the co-author of The Hill and Beyond, a guide to children's television drama in the UK.

Gerard Nijssen
who's provided a scan of the very first Journey Into Space novelisation from Holland.

Julian Knott
who's provided details and cover scans for the various Children of the Stones releases.

Mike Noon
who put me in contact with Ian Beazley and supplied cover scans for several of the foreign Avengers novels. Details of his two Avengers sites (Dead Duck and Deadline) can be found in the Links section.

Lee Filipek
who provided me with a cover scan to the 1990 hardback.

Tyrone C
who provided me with a cover scan and back cover blurb for The Gemini Factor. Check out his Gemini Factor page for further details on this 1980s series.

Tim Coward
who allowed me to use his information on which Rentaghost episodes were novelised in which novel. The details of his Rentaghost site can be found in the Links section.

Ian Beazley
who has provided me with more Avengers and New Avengers covers than I could possibly have hoped for. His website, The Collector, contains information on his extensive Avengers collection and is well worth checking out.

Tim Neal, Saul Hazan, Uwe Wegner, Kate Dunn and Perry Armstrong who have all provided cover scans.

Site created, designed and maintained by Kieran Seymour.

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