Commissioned DVDs for C2 Project and Stafold Barn now available

I've produced a Double DVD set for the C2 Project Group and 2 DVDs to support the Statfold Barn Railway. The three covers for the DVDs are shown below. Contact me if you would like to order a copy of these DVDs and I will put you in touch with the people at these organizations who hold the stock.



This DVD contains my footage of Dahuichang in action (as also appearing on my Chenjia and Dahuichang DVD) as well as a variety of C2 action on logging, coal and brickworks railways throughout China selected from my footage taken between 1999 and 2006. The second DVD is made up of 3 slide shows of digital still images showing the process of moving C2 No. 4 to Wales.

E2FT Stat

This is a single DVD version of my English 2ft Farm and Garden Railways DVD omitting the normally diesel-operated Yaxham Light Railway

Java Spec Stat

This is essentially the same as my Java Special Selection DVD.