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The genus Tropaeolum

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Alpine House Tropaeolums

Tropaeolum brachyceras

Over the past few years I have grown the following Tropaeolums in my unheated greenhouse.
1)  Tropaeolum azureum
2)  Tropaeolum beuthii
3)  Tropaeolum brachyceras
4)  Tropaeolum hookerianum ssp. austropurpureum
5)  Tropaeolum hookerianum ssp. hookerianum T hook hook    
6)  Tropaeolum hookerianum ssp. pilosum
7)  Tropaeolum incisum Growing but not flowering
8)  Tropaeolum looseri Growing but not flowering
9)  Tropaeolum nubigenum  
Growing but not flowering
10) Tropaeolum pentaphylum
T. pent.
11)  Tropaeolum rhomboideum
12)  Tropaeolum sessilifolium T. sess.
13)  Tropaeolum tricolorum T tric.

One of the major problems in growing these plants is the reluctance of their tubers to come back into growth after the summer rest period. This of course means that it is necessary to sew seed regularly in order to maintain my collection. This season has however been reasonably successful with seven of the thirteen listed above in growth by late November. Sadly Tropaeolum hookerianum ssp. pilosum has been lost but Tropaeolum rhomboidium remains as a healthy but non growing tuber.
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