The Genus Tropaeolum

The genus Tropaeolum
 Hardy Tropaeolums
Tender Tropaeolums
Alpine House Tropaeolums
Tropaeolum tricolorum

The genus Tropaeolum consists of around 90 species of hardy, half hardy and tender climbers and scramblers from Central and South America. Of these a very limited number (perhaps around 25) have been brought into cultivation. Traditionally in gardens the genus is best known for the half hardy annual Nasturtiums which are considered to be hybrids of the species majus, minus and peltophorum and for the perennial Flame (or Scotch ) Creeper -  Tropaeolum speciosum. There are however a number of other species which are well worth a space in the garden or alpine house.
A monograph of the genus was produced by Benkt Sparre in 1991 and a checklist based on this was published by the Geraniaceae Group in 1999.
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