Tender Tropaeolums and Nasturtiums


The genus Tropaeolum

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Tender Tropaeolums

Alpine House Tropaeolums

Tropaeolum Margaret Long

Many members of the genus would be tender in the British climate. The tender ones which are grown are generally treated as annuals. There are many cultivars of the three closely linked species majus, minus and peltophorum all commonly known as Nasturtiums and usually raised from seed. To my knowledge there are four fully double varieties which must be grown from cuttings.  These are
       1)  Hermine Grashoff (red)
      2)  Margaret Long (orange)
      3)  Darjeeling Gold/Gleam/Double (yellow)
      4)  Blush Double (salmon)
Of these I am currently growing the first three but have only heard mention of the last on the website of Heronswood Nursery from USA where it is said to have come from Helen Dillon in Dublin.
Tropaeolum Hermine Grashoff Tropaeolum Darjeeling Gold
Tropaeolum Hermine Grashoff Tropaeolum Darjeeling Gold

The only other commonly grown tender Tropaeolum is Tropaeolum peregrinum. This is a delicate yellow flowered climber known as the Canary Creeper. 
 A new addition is Tropaeolum moritzianum. For more information click on it's image.

Tropaeolum peregrinum
Tropaeolum moritzianum
Tropaeolum peregrinum
Tropaeolum moritzianum


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