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Geoffrey de Causton Protection for one year of Geoffrey de Causton parson of Barnardiston Church. Pat. Rolls 22 Edward I 5d. 1294
Richard de Caxton 9 Edward II 1315 - 1316. 470 Hil. Thomas son of John de Halstede and Ellen his wife pl. by the same Thomas her keeper. Robert Balheved and Richard de Caxton defendants. 2 messuages, 1 carucate of land, 8 acres of meadows, 5 acres of wood, 20 acres of pasture and 205 tent in Halstede, Gt Maplestede and Lt Maplestede. Thomas acknowledged the tenements to be the right of Robert as those which the defendant have of his gift and for this defendant granted them to pl. and his heirs of Thomas of the body of Ellen to held of the chief lords, with remainder to the right heirs of Thomas. Endorsed: Agnes late the wife of William Lestrange of Wykham and John her son put in their claim. Emma late the wife of John son of Hugh de Halstede puts in her claim. Feet of Fines for Essex 1272-1326, p 163. 1315
Peter Catesonne Peter Catesonne and Walter Clement of Corton mentioned. Pat. Rolls 12 Edward II pt I 15 d. Copinger's Suffolk Records II 143. 1321
Anne Caston Anne Caston, widow v "bailies" of Ipswich re messuage, orchard and garden in Ipswich. Ptd Calr. Early Chancery Proceedings vol 6 p 50. 1386 - 1500
John Causton John Causton v Robert Multon re refusal to complete sale of lands at Little Wakering, Northey in Maldon and Canewdon, Essex. Ptd Calr. Early Chancery Proceedings vol 6 p 248. 1386 - 1500
Walter Canston Robert Lybyons and Walter Canston v John Skeet re refusal to complete a sale of land in Bradfield and Dallington, Suffolk. Ptd Calr. Early Chancery Proceedings vol 7 p 143 1386 - 1500
Philip Caxton Thomas West gent of Sudbury and Dionise his wife, late wife of Philip Caxton Esq. v John Veer Earl of Oxford and others, feoffees of said Philip and Dionise re manors of Gt and Lt Wratting, Thurlow, Withersfield, Haverhill, Hanchett, Steeple Bumpstead, Clare, Kedington, Barnardiston. 31 Henry VI (1453). Note: PCC wills of Thomas West Esq. Of Sudbury 1467 and Thomas West Esq. Of Gt Cornard 1508. 1453
Thomas Caston Bartholomew Doon, John Lynch, Aleyn Dextere and Thomas Causton v William Jacob of Lavynham, merchant re forefeiture of bond given as security for the delivery at Colchester of certain corn shipped at Yarmouth but delayed by enemies and tempest. Ptd Calendar Early Chancery Proceedings II page 174 1475 - 85
Henry Causon General pardon to Henry Causon or Cavson, late of Northallerton, Co. York, yoman or clerk. Cat. Pat. Rolls Henry VIII I 270. 4 July 1489. 1489
Philippa Caxton Philippa Caxton widow. Pardon of outlawry to John Seymour of Oxford, gentilman for not appearing before the justices of the bench to answer Philippa Caxton, widow, touching a debt of 40s. Cal. Pat. Rolls Henry VIII II 381. 9 Apr 1505. 1505
Richard Caxton Richard Caxton was seized with others named of various manors in Nottinghamshire, Warwickshire and Leicestershire to the use of Edward Stanhope knight and heirs. Cal. Pat. Rolls Henry VIII II 513. 1 Nov 1506. 1506
John Causton John Causton of Lawshall. C7561. Conveyance by Thomas Mahewe of Rede, Robert Causton of Hawkenden, John Causton of Lawshull and Roger Frost of Boxted, to Richard Jerveys of Whepstead, Agnes his wife, Robert Drury, Knight, Walter Hoo, clerk, Roger Sturgeon of Whepstead, Thomas Heble and Thomas Frost of all the lands etc in Brockleye which they had by the demise of William Causton of Lawshull and Joan his wife, to the use of said Richard. 5 Feb 2 Henry VIII (fragments of seal). Catalogue of Ancient Deeds in PRO, vol 6, p 491. 1511
Anne Caston Anne Caston exx. and late wife of Thomas Caston (Causton) of Belstead, Kt v Robert Caston son and heir of said Thomas [re land in Belstead, Ipswich, Wherstead etc]. Same v Henry Buris [re refusal to complete lease of manor of Wherstead]. Same v Thomas Coleman, serving man [forcible ejection from Wherstead Hall]. Ptd Calr. Early Chancery Proceedings vol 5 p 274 and vol 6 p 41. 1518 - 29
Robert Causton John Humphrye and Alice his wife v Marion Smyth widow, Robert Causton and John Dyke executors of said John re a messuage and land in Radbridge Street in Long Melford. Ptd Calr. Early Chancery Proceedings vol 5 p 100. 1518 - 29
Anne Caston Request that Dame Anne Caston cease solicitation for lease of Pannington in Wherstead, 1529. SP6034. Coppinger's Suffolk Records V 360. 1529
Anne Caston Forcible entry and seizure of cattle etc at Belstead, Anne Caston v Robert Caston and others. Star C P Henry VIII vol 8, 197-198. Coppinger's Suffolk Records. 1530 ?
John Cawston John Cawston of Latchingdon, Essex. An inquisition post mortem (Chancery Series ii, vol LXXXIV, p 52) of Powle Withypoll was held at Barking Essex on "20 August 1547, at which it was found that he had been seized of land at Maldon Essex which he had obtained "ex dono et concessione" of John Cawston of Latchingdon Essex yeoman and pastures called Savays between Wrights and Smythcroft near Polstedes in "Wadham fferys" [Woodham Ferrers] Essex similarly from John Cawston and Richard Osbourne, citizen and grocer of London, held of the bishop of London as of his castle of Stortford, Essex. See: G C Moore Smith: The family of Withypoll (1936, Walthamstow Antiquarian Society Official Publication No 34) [bound up in Family History Tracts vol 23 at Soc. Gen] 1547
Agnes Cawston 30s. payable by the Ironmongers Co. to an anniversary in the church of St Faith beneath Pauls for the soul of Agnes Cawston. Pat. Rolls Edward VI III 133. 12 July 1549. 1549
George Caxton George Caxton of Horsepath, Oxon. Pat. Rolls Edward VI V155. 14 Mar 1553. 1553
John Cawston Land in Maldon Essex in tenure of John Cawston. Pat. Rolls Philip & Mary II 134. 16 Dec 1554. 1554
Simon Cawson ...... "a mill called "Wyffyndall" alias "Wythingdale Mille" and all buildings, waters etc belonging thereto in the tenure of Simon Cawson of Melford" [apparently in Long Melford. Pat Rolls Philip & Mary I 218. 12 Jan 1554. 1554
Simon Cawston "Grant for life to Simon Cawston from Christmas last of the wages and fee of 6d. a day to be paid quarterly at the Receipt of the Exchequer". Pat. Rolls Philip & Mary I 63. 20 Jan 1554. 1554
Thomas Cawston "Licence for 35s. 3d. to Thomas Cawston to grant a messuage, a garden, 40 acres of land, 10 acres of meadow, 30 acres pasture and 300 acres marsh in Tyllynham Dauncy alias Tyllyngham Grange and Seynt Lawrence, Co. Essex:- to William Cawston son of Thomas and his heirs". Pat. Rolls Philip & Mary II 131-2. 28 Jan 1555. 1555
Thomas Caweston Richard Onscombe late of Ebsham, Surrey, husbandman, stole inter alia 6 "wethers" of Thomas Caweston from fold of Geoffrey Marten at Ebsham. Pat. Rolls Philip & Mary II 546. 10 Sept 1556. 1556
John Cawston Lands in Maldon Essex in tenure of John Cawston. Pat. Rolls Philip & Mary III 496. 26 May 1557. 1557
Stephen Caston Stephen Caston, clerk appointed to rectory of Stanbridge Parva, dioc. of London. Pat. Rolls Philip & Mary IV 447. 8 Oct 1558. 1558
Thomas Cawston 29 Oct 1558. Letter to Lord Mayor to admit Thomas Cawston to freedom of City of London. Calendar of State Papers Domestic 1547-1580, p 108. 1558
Stephen Caston Presentation of Stephen Caston to rectory of Little Stanbridge, dioc. of London. Cal. Pat. Rolls Elizabeth I 124. 27 Apr 1559. 1559
Edward, Humphrye & Joyce Causton Joyce Causton of Banstead v Humphrye Causton of West Wickham and Edward Causton of Tooting 1575. Court of Requests, bundle 186/20. 1575
Thomas Cawston John Aylmer Bp of London to Burghley, on behalf of S. Whythed, Nath Traheron and William Truelove, grandsons of Thomas Cawston of Essex to get lands of which wrongfully dispossessed. 12 Aug 1576. Cal. of State Papers Domestic 1547-1580, p 598. 1578
Henry & Prudence Cawston Henry Cawston of Farnbro and Prudence his wife, Thomas Tutsam and Elizabeth his wife v Nicholas Gilbore, William Petly, Ralph Petly and Mathew Petly re lands in Orpington district, late of Stephen Petley, Prudence's grandfather. 1596. Court of requests, bundle 189/19. 1596
Merable Cason Pardon to Merable Cason of Ipswich for stealing wheat and peas, 1598. SP 79. Copinger's Suffolk Records III 352. 1598
John Causton 10 Aug 1604. Grant to John Causton of a prebend at Norwich. Calendar of State Papers Domestic 1603-1610, p 141. 1604
Richard Causton 1626. Richard Causton re gunpowder at Colchester. Calendar of State Papers Domestic. 1626
Philip, Henry, Peter & John Causton Philip Causton v Thomas Ludbrooke 1664. Clacton answer. [379/27]. Henry Causton v Richard Sallwey. Sandford & Clifton, Worcs. [459/136]. Henry Causton v George Hendy & others. Money 1673, Middx. [459/137]. Peter Causton & others v John Causton and others 1676. Middx. Personal estate of John Causton. [459/138]. Bridges Division. Chancery suits. 1664
Daniel, John, James & Peter Causton John Causton, citizen and weaver of London, having a wife and three children, John, Peter and James, made his will 29 Aug 1665. His wife died shortly afterwards and he himself shortly after that. His will was proved by his brother Peter Causton and his personal estate after paying debts was £1045. 11. 4. Peter Causton brought up the children and took the eldest boy, John as his apprentice. Peter Causton with Jeremy Malpas, John Weekes, Euan Lloid and William Grosvenor was complainant in a chancery suit 9 Oct 1676 regarding the personal estate of his brother. The youngest child James sometimes claimed that he was the first child born after his parents marriage. He was apprenticed to John Preston, linen draper for £100. The second of the three sons Peter was apprenticed first to Mr Bucknall of London, linen draper for £80. Peter embezzled and wasted to the extent of £30. Bucknall went bankrupt and Peter, after three years of his apprenticeship was rebound to Arthur Branthwayte, also a linen draper for £20. Peter again misbehaved himself and wasted and embezzled £30 worth. After one year Branthwayte was unwilling to keep him and turned him over to his uncle Daniel Causton of London, merchant. Chancery Suit (see XII 14) 1665
Nicholas Cawston Cawston of Oxted. 9 Feb 1665. William Cawston deceased settled 30 acres in Oxted on son Nicholas Cawston of Sundrish, Kent, gent who married Elizabeth one of two daughters and coheirs of William turner of Sevenoaks, deceased. The other daughter married John Toller and had a daughter Elizabeth married ..... Prat, deceased 1665) Pedigree derived from a Chancery suit. 1665
Thomas Causton Thomas Causton of Bexley, wheelwright in chancery suit Causton v Harvill 18 Feb 1668. 1668
John, George & William Cawston Pedigree derived from answer in Cawston v Maplesden 1673. John Cawston the elder seized of the Deanes had elder son George Cawston (who had a son George Cawston , the complainant) and younger son William Cawston who entered Deanes about 30 years after father's death on default of £300 under his will. William made will naming wife (Sarah, daughter of Thomas Peggot, clerk. She remarried to Edward Maplesden) executor, who proved his will. Died before Nov 1651. 1673
John Causton Notes on the case 1676 about the children of john Causton who died of the plague are at XII 14. 1676
William Cawston William Cawston of Lee gent in chancery suit Causton v Case and Manning 15 May 1678. XII 20. 1678
Henry, Thomas & William Causton 3 Nov 1688. Thomas Causton of Oxted made deed with Nicholas Fowell of Wadhurst 10 Apr 30 Elizabeth and had a son William Causton of Oxted, deceased. William had sons Thomas Causton of Chertsey deceased (died about 25 years ago - say 1663, married ?Agnes and had eldest son Henry Causton, citizen tiler and bricklayer of London) and William Causton (who had a son Thomas Causton). Pedigree derived from Chancery suit. 1688
Henry Cason Late 17th century Lincolnshire law case: Mary daughter of Walter Smithson and wife of Henry Cason. ?Misc Gen and Her. 1690 ?
Samuel Causton Samuel Causton of London, merchant, set out from London, 26 Feb 1690, for the East Indies in service of East India Co. in ship Moderna, Capt William Wildey commander, bound for Serat, with cargo etc belonging to said Samuel Causton worth £600, consigned to Bartholomew Harris Esq, president of Co's factory at Surat, in case of death or absence of said Samuel Causton. On outward voyage touched at Grand Canaries, and sailed on, leaving Samuel Causton, with others behind, behind who afterwards returned to England. In 1692 or 1693 he sailed in ship Resolution for Surat with cargo of £400, consigned as before to Sir John Gayre president of Co. at Surat. Samuel Causton died during passage, 11 Sept 1693. Will 27 Aug 1691, appointing father Peter Causton of London merchant excr and sole legatee proved 24 Sept 1694 (PCC). Peter Causton died 25 Nov 1700; will dated 19 July 1699, proved 3 Jan 1700 (PCC) made daughter Charity wife of James Causton of London, merchant, sole exx. See notes on Causton v East India dock Co. at XV 6-7. 1690
Dorothy, Jane & Thomas Cason Thomas Cason of London, merchant. 21 July 1712. Several answers of Thomas Cason of London merchant defendant to bill of complaint of Jane Cason of St Martin in Fields spinster admx of Dorothy Cason deceased. Jane and Dorothy sisters. About Oct 1710 Dorothy Cason fell sick and on 26 Oct died. Defendant denies she made will. Defendant is nephew and brother's son of said deceased. Chancery suit. 1712
Thomas Cason Witness to deed 17 Jun 1715 between Abraham Wetherell of Thelnetham yeoman and John Hoare of Ipswich. Soc Gen. 1715
James Caston Witness to deed 28 Oct 1716 between William Howchin of Eye, draper, and answer. Soc Gen. 1716
James Causton James Causton of London, merchant and Charity his wife, daughter of Peter Causton, complainants in Causton v East India Co. (C11/2350/4, bill filed 12 Dec 1716). See XV 6-7. 1716
Peter Causton From Causton v East India Co. (C11/2350/4, bill filed 12 Dec 1716) the following appears: Peter Causton of London, merchant (died 25 Nov 1700. Will dated 19 July 1699 and proved 3 Jan 1700 - PCC) had son Samuel Causton of London, merchant (died at sea 11 Sept 1693. Will dated 27 Aug 1691 and proved 24 Sept 1694 - PCC) and a daughter Charity Causton (sole exx of her father living 12 Dec 1716) who married James Causton of London, merchant (living 12 Dec 1716). Charity Causton and James were the complaints. 1716
Thomas Causton Thomas Causton of Bromley St Leonards Middlesex, linen and calico printer was complainant with John and Sophia Hopkey in Causton v Clarkson [C11/2282/82, bill filed 27 Apr 1727]. He was brother in law of Herman Hopkey deceased, late of Bromley, linen and calico printer (who died a few hours after making his will 13 July 1724), father of John and Sophia Hopkey, infants. Under the will Thomas Causton was to run Hopkeys business in conjunction with John Clarkson father in law of Hopkey. Thomas Causton was married "some years before" to John Clarkson's daughter. See XV 4-5. 1727
Edward Caston Appointment of Edward Caston to be a boatman in port of Ipswich, loco Fra Jennings, resigned 1737. T.B. And P. 616. Copinger's Suffolk Records III 281. 1737
John Causton John Causton of Fobbing, Essex. Causton v Greenwood (C12/1377/17, bill filed 17 Feb 1786) was the above v Thomas Greenwood of Fobbing, miller. He described himself as John Causton late of Orsett Essex but now of Fobbing, bricklayer and farmer. The case concerned a windmill in Fobbing with 2 closes of land (8 acres) adjoining, which JC agreed by deed 4 Sept 1780 to buy from TG for £176. One of the closes was then already rented by JC at rent of £2. 2s. pa. 1786
Abraham, John & William Cawston Abraham Cawston of Rattlesdon, died 1758. A pedigree in the Master's Papers in Cawston v Parlett places Abraham Cawston of Rattlesdon with an elder brother John and a younger brother William. A letter in the papers from a Mrs Phillips of Gt Barton states that there is a large family named Cawston in the neighbourhood formerly of Lawshall who have reason to believe themselves descendants of William and Esther Cawston. 1814
Abraham, John, Mary & Susan Cawston Abraham Cawston of Shimpling Hall. According to the pedigree in the Master's Papers in Cawston v Parlett he had a brother and sisters: John Cawston who married Ann (sic) Westerman, Mary Cawston who married Richard Wing and Susan Cawston who married William King. 1814
John Cawston John Cawston, son of William and Esther of Lawshall. In the Master's Papers for Cawston v Parlett (PRO C125/C/24) it seems to be generally assumed though out that this John Cawston probably married Mary Varo. E.g. Charles Dalton of Lawshall, gent swore that he had searched the registers of Lawshall, Shimpling and Hartest without finding the marriage of John Cawston to Mary Varo or any other person. 1814
Maria Causton Maria Causton, daughter of Henry Causton of Finch Lane. Through her "next friend" Henry Lewis Smale of Doctors Commons London gent was the complainant in Causton v Lord [C13/166/22, bill filed 30 July 1814] which concerned the personal estate of her mother Mary Causton. At the date of the bill she was aged 18 years or thereabouts. 1814
Mary Cawston By a decree of the High Court of Chancery made in a cause Cawston v Parlett and others it is referred to W Morris Esq one of the masters of the said court to enquire and sate to the court who is the heir at law ex parte paterna of Mary Cawston spinster who died at Bethnal Green Co. Middlesex on or about the 15th day of May 1806 and who was one of the children of William Cawston, formerly of Lawshall, in the Co. of Suffolk, gent, commonly called Dumpling Cawston. All persons claiming to be the heir at law etc. Ipswich Journal 13 Aug 1814. Add MS 19122 (Davy). 1814
Robert Cawston Robert Cawston of Barrow. In Master's Papers in Cawston v Parlett is a letter from Henry Topplis? attorney, dated at Bury St Edmunds 30 Sept 1814, in answer to advt. in Bury paper of previous 10 Aug putting in the claim of a poor aged man named Robert Cawston late of Lawshall but now of Barrow. The pedigree submitted claimed that he was son of Robert Cawston (who also had some younger children) who was born at Lawshall and died at Stanningfield, and grandson of another Robert Cawston who died at Stanningfield. It claimed that this earliest Robert Cawston was younger son of William and Esther Cawston of Lawshall. 1814
Thomas Cawston Thomas Cawston DD was the complainant in Causton v Macklew [C/13/1767/46, bill filed 2 Nov 1825]. He was described in the bill as of Turweston Bucks. His wife Mary Ann was the only child of John Balchen Esq. At the date of the bill the only surviving executor of John Balchen was John Whitmore of Wimpole St Middlesex Esq. 1825
Robert Henry Causton Robert Henry Causton of St Albans, silversmith to give evidence against John Jackson. Recognizance Book, Easter Session 1833. Hertford County Records vol IX (Calendar of Sessions Books) p 523. 1833
Robert Henry Causton Robert Henry Causton 723. 29 Mar 1854. Manufacture of Mill Boards. Patent Office Index. 1854