Town Centre “Improvements”

Roger Hill and John Catt have met with officers from Leicestershire County Council in Loughborough. Various improvements have been identified but when and if these are to be scheduled is not known.

The question was asked as to how the decision to ban cycling in the town centre had come about. The answer was that this was made in conjunction with the decision to ban buses. It was evident that we had been under the misapprehension that cycling would be allowed along the route of the old A6 at all times because of assurances received before the bus consultation began.

Although the bus consultation didn't mention cycles, we should have appreciated that when it referred to all vehicles, this included cyclists. Therefore we should have objected to the restriction on all vehicles. As we didn't, we don't have a case.

Interstellar by-passes, Vogons and the “Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy” come to mind. (A Babel Fish might have managed to make things clear.)

Local Transport Finance

A written parliamentary question was put to the Secretary of State for Transport asking “what estimate his Department has made of planned spending on (a) cycling, (b) walking, (c) public transport and (d) roads contained in local growth plans in each Local Enterprise Partnership area in each of the next six years.”

The figures for Leicester and Leicestershire appear below. The full table can be downloaded here.

Local Growth Fund: Total estimated spend (£m) on new projects
announced in Growth Deals (July 2014).
All years 2015/16 to 2020/21 split by
(a) roads
(b) public transport
(c) cycling and walking
(d) mixed mode schemes
£mRoadsPublic TransportCycling & WalkingMixedTotal
Leicester & Leicestershire7.91012.621.5

Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) have varying degrees of freedom to vary spend between projects and between years. The figures relate to all the years 2015 to 2021 inclusive.

Happily these figures are not quite as depressing as they first appear. Many schemes designated as ‘road’ and ‘public transport’ also include some cycling and walking infrastructure. Spend designated as ‘mixed’ includes individual schemes within which sustainable modes, including cycling and walking, are significantly represented.

However, the fact that no specific cycling and walking projects have been listed does not breed confidence that cycling will receive much promotion locally.


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