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Route 6 of the National Cycle Network (NCN) goes all the way from Windsor to the Lake District. Locally it passes along Epinal Way on the Leicester – Derby section and is managed by Sustrans in collaboration with local authorities.

Brian Goss has previously worked as a volunteer ranger in Nottingham and is now setting up a Loughborough Sustrans volunteer ranger group. The focus of the group initially will be leisurely group rides every month or two to check on the route locally and resolve signage, foliage etc. issues where necessary. Minor issues are dealt with in situ and major issues are reported to the County Council or other landowner. Rides will likely take place 10-4, probably on a Saturday depending what the group decides.

No prior experience is necessary but some sort of bicycle is more or less a pre-requisite. If you would like to know more or you would be interested in joining, you can contact Brian at sustrans.lboro.rangers@gmx.com or 07771 743724. For more info on Sustrans, see www.sustrans.org.uk/volunteer/get-involved and for the NCN 6 route, see www.sustrans.org.uk/ncn/map/route/route-6.

Transport for London Safety Tips


These diagrams appeared in the London edition of the free ‘Metro’ newspaper.

Good idea? Perhaps they are?

Cyclenation is asking if we agree with the messages and if so, should we ask for them to be widely published?


Based on an article in Cyclenation News

Over the summer, two-way cycling has been implemented in dozens of Cambridge streets that were approved for conversion last year.

The ‘Sharrow’ is a North American name for a road marking showing a cycle symbol with an arrow indicating a permitted direction for cycling has been introduced. They have helped to reinforce the rights of cyclist to be legitimately cycling against the main traffic flow where one-way roads have been made two-way for cyclists.

The Sharrows are added at the start of the contraflow section on the streets that have been converted to two-way cycling and are usually repeated along most of its length.


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