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Current Issues

Road Humps for Leicester Rd south of Mountsorrel?

A notice setting out a proposal to introduce road hump traffic calming on this section of Leicester Road was advertised in the Loughborough Echo on 28th February.

Many regard these humps as ineffective. The larger vehicles drive straight over them without them even registering.

Member Roger Hill has pointed out that the cushions are proposed where there is already a mandatory cycle lane. Unless the cycle lane is protected by splitter islands and a gap of about 1.5 metres cars will encroach on the cycle lane, putting cyclists at risk. Is the remaining road wide enough for 3 road humps and two splitter islands?


Objections can be emailed to Ref. JM/HTWMT/2409 before 21/3/14.

Highspeed 2 Cycle Crossing over the Trent

It has been proposed that wherever possible a cycle route should be built alongside the HS2 track. Nottingham Pedals has been consulted and has proposed a cycle path across the Trent on an adjacent way to the High Speed rail, or if not practical a way to be investigated utilising one of the existing rail crossings, e.g. cantilevered on the side of the Midland Main Line bridge east of Trent Lock and with possible connections to routes on the south side of the Trent and in the A453 corridor, including Sustrans NCN Route 15.

Everyone wins from cycling

Reported in the blog 42 Bikes

Many people complain about cyclists and particularly the resources being devoted to encouraging people to cycle.

A blog “movementsci” points out that:


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