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The aim of this web site is to bring back in touch the airmen who worked at
in the Suez Canal Zone in the early 1950s and at RAF Episkopi from 1955 to 1975.

Please get in touch if you were there.

I am also building up a history of the unit from its early days in the Canal Zone until its closure in 1975.

I was there 1958-60, which is the period the web site was originally set up to cover,
and one page of the web site lists those who were there at that time, together with photographs where available.

There are potentially too many people who were there during the whole 25 years of the unit's life to include photos of everyone
and the names of those with whom I am in contact who were there outside the period 1958-60 are listed on another page.

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When I started to seriously look for my friends from my time in the RAF, I wondered why I was so keen to do so. I have no great interest in seeking out anyone with whom I have worked in Civvy Street, although I knew many of them over much longer periods than anyone I knew in the RAF.

I concluded that it was because we had lived, worked and played together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in some cases for several years. That's a far more intensive relationship than even the closest of families, whose members go their separate ways during the day and are only together in the evenings and perhaps at weekends.

In those few years in our youth, fifty years ago, we formed a close bond that has survived to this day.

John Boon - West Kirby and Wellesbourne 1956, Brampton 1957, Episkopi January 1958-May1960

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