Surnames include Beeton, Bere, Christopher, Curtis, Davis, Etherton, Ginn, Stollery, Youngs Surnames include Andrews, Barber, Barrett, Bell, Boon, Bowles, Burrell, Chapman, Claydon, 
        Connor, Downes, Eggar, Ellis, Eycott, Fulcher, Gollop, Gunner, Law, McGeary, 
        May, Martin, Mead, Mortimer, Norman, Poulter, Purvey, Reid, Ryan, Simpson, 
        Smith, Strutt, Synan, Taylor, Walker, Watson, Westwood, Woods. The story of a Mormon May family's migration from Berkshire, England, to Salt Lake City. A building at Shingle Street, Suffolk, closely connected with the Curtises A complete list of everyone on my files Ephraim and Michael Joseph Stollery and their descendants in Australia and the USA A tiny Suffolk community with a big secret. The Family History of Jonathan Peachey Home

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