Shingle Street, Suffolk Coastguard Cottages German Ocean Mansion Kate's Cottage Windy Ridge
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Situated on the Suffolk Heritage Coast, a few miles north of Felixstowe, this single row of assorted buildings faces the North Sea just metres away across shifting banks of shingle. A dead-end road from Hollesley, a couple of miles inland, runs behind the houses, and a rough footpath runs along their front. There are no facilities here for visitors except for two car parks.

The first habitation of Shingle Street appears to have occurred in the early 1800s, at the time when the Martello Towers were built along this part of the east coast, and when fishermen began to build cottages from driftwood. The only land link with the outside world was a track to Bawdsey, to the south.

At that time the mouth of the River Ore was just to the south of Shingle Street, and some of the fishermen also acted as pilots. The Martello Tower at Shingle Street is known as AA or A2, Towers W, X and Y being to the south towards Bawdsey. When the danger of invasion had passed they were used to house coastguards. By 1881 the coastguards had moved into the 2-storey purpose-built Coastguard Cottages at the north end of the beach. In a map dated 1881 the low brick-built building just to the south of Coastguard Cottages is marked 'Coastguard Station', although by that time it appears to have been bought by the Fonnereau family of Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich, as a holiday home. It is unclear from the available records when 'German Ocean Mansion', as it was then known, was built and what it's original purpose was.

The 1881 map shows Coastguard Cottages and German Ocean Mansion at the north end of the hamlet, the clapboard cottages Windy Ridge and Kate's Cottage some distance to the south, and after another sizable gap a cluster of homes either side of the LIfeboat Inn. The gap to the south of Kate's Cottage gradually filled until by 1900 the row of house was more or less continuous.

Shingle Street c1900
Shingle Street, about 1900

In 1940 the inhabitants were evacuated so that the beach could be mined against invasion. The army took over the houses and there were complaints from the residents that their homes were being vandalised. Later the Royal Air Force used the buildings for experimental bombing. What else happened at Shingle Street during WWII is still secret, and it has been the subject of a number of speculative books and television programmes. The weather and neglect also took its toll. Many houses were uninhabitable when they were eventually returned to their owners some 5 years after the war ended, and had to be rebuilt.

Amongst the surviving buildings are the Coastguard Cottages, 'The Mansion' (formerly 'German Ocean Mansion' until the 1914-18 war when all things German became unfashionable), 'Kate's Cottage' and 'Windy Ridge', and Martello Tower AA. The Lifeboat Inn was not rebuilt and the foundations can still be seen.

A recent report (October 2004) suggests that unless the sea defences in the area are strengthened Shingle Street could disappear within 20 years.

Residents of Shingle Street
Since all Shingle Street entries in the censuses come under Bawdsey, it has not always been easy to judge
where Shingle Street starts and ends, so I have erred on the generous side.
The census enumerators do not seem to have recorded each dwelling in a linear way, south to north or north to south,
so that adjacent familes are not necessarily neighbours.


Address Name Age Occupation Where born
Shingle Street William Mannell 55 Pilot Suffolk
  Rachel Mannell 35   Suffolk
  Elizabeth Howes 70   Suffolk
Shingle Street Jane Gibbs 40   Suffolk
  Henry Gibbs 20 Sailor Suffolk
  Ann Gibbs 13   Suffolk
  Jane Gibbs 5   Suffolk
Shingle Street Henry Lucock 50 Pilot Suffolk
  Charlotte Lucock 30   Suffolk
  Jemima Lucock 14   Suffolk
  James Lucock 12   Suffolk
  Henry Lucock 4   Suffolk
Shingle Street John Williams 50 Coastguard Foreign parts
  Elizabeth Williams 35   Suffolk
  Elizabeth Williams 20   Suffolk
  Mary Ann Williams 15   Suffolk
  Maria Williams 10   Suffolk
  Robert Williams 5   Suffolk
  Daniel Cameron 25 Coastguard Scotland
Shingle Street James Whyard 35 Publican Suffolk
  Mary Whyard 35   Suffolk
  Horace Smith 10   Suffolk
Shingle Street Charles Parker 50 Pilot Suffolk
  Elizabeth Parker 50   Out of County
Shingle Street Maria Smith 30   Out of County
  Caroline Smith 9   Out of County
  Robert Smith 7   Out of County
Martello Tower Isaac Harris 45 Coastguard Out of County
  Charlotte Harris 45   Out of County
  George Harris 14   Ireland
  Thomas Harris 12   Ireland
  Susan Harris 10   Ireland
  Henry Harris 5   Suffolk
Martello Tower John MacDermot 25 Coastguard Ireland
  Margaret MacDermot 25   Ireland
  Mary MacDermot 7 months   Ireland


Address Name Age Occupation Where born
Marsh House William Grey 45 Ag.Lab Alderton
  Lydia Grey 53 Farm labourer Hollesley
  William Smith (father-in-law) 83 Annuitant Rendlesham
Battery House James Cook 48 Coastguard Mersea, Essex
  Sarah Cook 48   Mersea, Essex
  William Cook 21 Wheelwright Mersea, Essex
  John Cook 15   Dymchurch, Kent
Tower A2 John Bungard 52 Coastguard Shoreham, Sussex
  Maria Bungard 51   Angmering, Sussex
  Maria Bungard 22 Dressmaker Weymouth, Dorset
  William Bungard 18 Blacksmith Longston, Dorset
  Sarah Ann Bungard 15   Sizewell, Suffolk
  Henry Bungard 11   Thorp, Suffolk
Shingle Street William Grace 30 Coastguard Ireland
  Frances Grace 23   Lepe, Hamshire
  William Grace 1   Bawdsey
Shingle Street John Dennis 48 Coastguard Devonport, Devon
  Mary Dennis 43   Preston, Kent
  Eliza Norton 15 Servant Aldeburgh
Shingle Street Edward Norton 38 Pilot Aldeburgh
  Eliza Norton 37   Aldeburgh
  George Norton 10   Aldeburgh
  James Norton 7   Aldeburgh
  Sarah Ann Norton 5   Bawdsey
  Alfred Norton 7m   Bawdsey
Shingle Street Charles Parker 64 Pilot Orford
  Elizabeth Parker 60   Birmingham, Warwicks
Lifeboat Inn Francis Langmaid 27 Pilot Orford
  Jane Langmaid 28 Inn keeper Aldeburgh
  Thomas Langmaid 1   Bawdsey
Shingle Street Jane Gibbs 50   Orford
Shingle Street William Parker 59 Pilot Aldeburgh
Shingle Street Robert Whyard 56 Pilot Orford
  Mary Whyard 58   Falkenham
  Hannah Whyard 26   Orford
  Mary Ann Whyard 24 Dressmaker Orford
  William Whyard 7   Bawdsey
  George Whyard 5   Bawdsey
House unoccupied        
Shingle Street tower Henry Peace 53 Boatman and Coastguard Seaford, Sussex
  Elizabeth Peace 52   Arlington, Sussex
  Sarah Peace 20 Dressmaker Exmouth, Devon
  John Peace 11   Bawdsey
Tower X Anthony Woodham 72 Towerkeeper Worksworth, Derbys.
  Betsey Schelcott 27 Housekeeper Bawdsey
  Ellen Schelcott 5   Bawdsey
  Joshua Schelcott 1   Bawdsey


Address Name Age Occupation Born
Beach near Tower John Duncan 36

Commissioned boatman, coastguard

  Elizabeth Duncan 36   Devon
  Elizabeth Duncan 4   Sizewell, Suffolk
  John Duncan 2   Bawdsey, Suffolk
  Emma Duncan 1   Bawdsey, Suffolk
  Mary Duncan 2m   Bawdsey, Suffolk
Beach Rose Cottage Isaac Ford 56 Carpenter Bawdsey, Suffolk
  Harriett Ford 55   Bedingfield, Sfk
  Isaac Ford 15 Carpenter Bawdsey, Suffolk
  Harry Jay 9   Lewisham, Kent
Beach Cottage Charles Ransby 55 Agricultural labourer Bawdsey, Suffolk
  Ellen Ransby 60   Eye, Suffolk
Beach X Tower James Friend 32 Sergeant Tower Keeper, Chelsea Pensioner, Coastguard Bawdsey, Suffolk
  Alfred Shelcot (stepson) 14   Bawdsey, Suffolk
  Joshua Shelcot (nephew) 4   Bawdsey, Suffolk
Beach X Tower William Sullivan 43 Coastguard, mariner Royal Navy Jersey
Shingle St. Battery House John Loosemore 32 Coastguard, mariner Royal Navy Jersey
  Martha Loosemore 24   Brading, IOW
  Chales F. Loosemore 2   Bawdsey, Suffolk
  Emily M. Loosemore 11m   Bawdsey, Suffolk
Shingle St Watch Tower James Gage 56 Chief Boatman in charge, Coastguard, Royal Navy Ipswich, Suffolk
  Jane Gage 58   Saltash, Cornwall
  George Gage 21 Shoe Maker Sandown, IOW
Shingle Street Cottage Mockett Sandwell 33 Coastguard, mariner Royal Navy Ramsgate, Kent
  Mary Jane Sandwell 32   Saltash, Cornwall
  William J. Sandwell 2   Bawdsey, Suffolk
  Kathleen 1   Bawdsey, Suffolk
Shingle Street Cottage Peter Driscoll 37 Coastguard, mariner Royal Navy Queenstown, County Cork
  Elizabeth Driscoll 33   Waterford
  Catherine Dowling (st. mother) 73   Wexford
Shingle Street Cottage Edward Norton 48 Pilot Aldeburgh, Sfk
  Eliza Norton 47   Aldeburgh, Sfk
  Edward Norton (married) 24 Mariner Aldeburgh, Sfk
  Sarah H. Norton 14   Bawdsey, Suffolk
  Alfred W. Norton 12   Bawdsey, Suffolk
  Francis A. Norton 10   Bawdsey, Suffolk
  Rosina Norton 2   Bawdsey, Suffolk
Shingle Street Cottage William Jones 34 Coastguard Royal Navy Southwark
  Sarah A. Jones 24 Formerly laundress Aldeburgh, Sfk
  Emily Jones 2   Aldeburgh, Sfk
Shingle Street Cottage Elizabeth Parker 80 Formerly servant Birmingham
Lifeboat Inn Public House Francis Langmaid 37 Innkeeper and waterman Orford, Suffolk
  Jane Langmaid 38   Aldeburgh, Sfk
  Thomas Langmaid 11   Bawdsey, Suffolk
  Celia Langmaid 9   Bawdsey, Suffolk
  Francis Langmaid 7   Bawdsey, Suffolk
  Marianne Langmaid 5   Bawdsey, Suffolk
  Jesse Langmaid 2   Bawdsey, Suffolk
  Kate Langmaid 10m   Bawdsey, Suffolk
Shingle Street Cottage Henry Gibbs 41 Waterman and fisherman Orford
  Sarah A. Gibbs 38   Orford
  Sarah A. Gibbs 17   Orford
  Henry Gibbs 15 Seaman Orford
  Elizabeth Gibbs 13   Orford
  William E. Gibbs 8   Orford
  Eliza J. Gibbs 4   Bawdsey
  Jesse E. Gibbs 1   Bawdsey
Shingle Street Cottage James Parker 46 Pilot and fisherman Aldeburgh
  Mary Parker 74 Mother Orford
Shingle Street Cottage Robert Whyard 66 Pilot and fisherman Orford
  Mary Whyard 68   Falkenham
  William Whyard (g'son) 17 Mariner Bawdsey
Shingle Street Cottage Henry Lucock 75 Former pilot and fisherman Orford
  Charlotte Lucock 53   Alderton
  Henry Lucock 25 Seaman Bawdsey
Marsh Cottage Francis Gunnell 50 Agricultural labourer Boyton
  Ann Gunnell 51 Former servant Orford
  George Buck (visitor) 7   Alderton
Common Cottage John Hunt 90 Agricultural labourer Sutton
  Elizabeth Hunt (daughter) 50   Bawdsey
Common Cottage William Denny 40 Journeyman carpenter Alderton


Address Name Age Occupation Born
Road Signal Cottage John Wilson 69 Groom Bawdsey
  Mary Wilson 45   Easton
  Harriett Wilson 3   Bawdsey
  Joseph Cousins (lodger) 69 Blacksmith Parham
Road Tower Cottage Henry Shellcot 45 Agricultural labourer Bawdsey
  Ann Shellcot 45 Washerwoman Bawdsey
  David Shellcot 19 Agricultural labourer Bawdsey
  William Shellcot 17 Agricultural labourer Bawdsey
  Betsy Shellcot 13   Bawdsey
  James Shellcot 12   Bawdsey
  Emma Shellcot 10   Bawdsey
  Joseph Shellcot 8   Bawdsey
Tower X Beach John Hewson 40 Coastguardman C.B. Firsby, Lincs
  Mary Hewson 43   Swithland, Leics
Beach Rose Cottage Harriet Ford 65 Farm 12 acres pasture Bedingfield
  Isaac Ford 28 Carpenter Bawdsey
  Eliza Ford (wife of Isaac) 26   Pettistree
  Emily Ford 3   Bawdsey
  Arthur Ford 1   Bawdsey
Beach Lane Cottage Charles Ransby 65 Agricultural labourer Bawdsey
  Nelly Ransby 69   Broomswell
Beach Cottage Head absent      
  Mary(?) Parson 40 Coastguardsman's wife Cork, Ireland
  William Parson 12   Faversham, Kent
  John Parson 10   Isle of Sheppey
  Thomas Parson 9   Isle of Sheppey
Tower X Jarvis Friend 42 Tower Keeper Chelsea Pensioner Bawdsey
  Emma Friend 41   Bawdsey
Shingle St Guard House James Lovell 33 Coast Guardman Broadstairs, Kent
  Maria Lovell 23   Harwich, Suffolk
  Elizabeth Lovell 4   Harwich, Suffolk
  Alice Lovell 2   Gravesend, Kent
  James Lovell 1   Thorp, Suffolk
Tower A2 William Guy 45 C.G. Chief Boatman in Charge Moushole, Cornwall
  Emma Guy 43   West Cowes, Hants
  Edmund Guy 14   Lydd, Kent
  Frederick Guy 10   Lydd, Kent
  Henrietta Guy 8   Romney, Kent
  Elizabeth Guy 6   Romney, Kent
  Albert Guy 5   Romney, Kent
  Alice Guy 4   Shorewell, Kent
Beach Cottages James Jago 66 Greenwich pensioner Ipswich
  Jane Jago 68   Saltash, Cornwall
Beach Shingle Street Head absent      
  Susan Norton 22 Seaman's wife Durham, Newcastle
  Charlotte Osborne 19 Servant Alderton
  Edward Norton 60 Pilot Aldeburgh
  Hannah Norton 61   Hasketon, Suffolk
  Rose Norton 12   Bawdsey
Public House Life Boat Francis Langmaid 47 Inn Keeper and Pilot Orford
  Jane Langmaid 48   Aldeburgh
  Thomas W. Langmaid 21 Mariner Bawdsey
  Celia Langmaid 19 Assistant Bawdsey
  Marianne Langmaid 15   Bawdsey
  Jessie Langmaid 13   Bawdsey
  Kate Langmaid 11  


  Samuel I. 7   Bawdsey
Beach Cottage Henry Gibbs 41 Pilot Orford
  Sarah Ann Gibbs 47   Orford
  Sarah Ann Jago 27 Married daughter Orford
  Eliza J. Gibbs 14   Bawdsey
  Jesse Amelia Gibbs 11   Bawdsey
  John Gibbs 9   Bawdsey
  Alice Gibbs 6   Bawdsey
  Ruth E. Gibbs 4   Bawdsey
  James H. Gibbs grandson) 3   Bawdsey
Beach Shingle Street Mary Parker 86 Pilot's widow Orford
  James Parker 46 Pilot Aldeburgh
Beach Shingle Street Henry Lucock 79 Retired farmer Orford
  Charlotte Lucock 64   Alderton
Beach Shingle Street John Marsh (?) 42 Coastguard Burnham, Sussex
  Mary Marsh 36   Burnham, Sussex
  Sarah Marsh 7   Great Clacton, Essex
  John Marsh 3   Brightingsea, Essex
  Ellen Marsh 1   Bawdsey
Beach Shingle Street Henry Lucock 34 Mariner Bawdsey
  Sarah Ann Lucock 22   Kenton, Suffolk
  Henry W. Lucock 2   Bawdsey
  Ellen E. Lucock 13m   Bawdsey
Marsh House Cottage William Willas 46 Agricultural labourer Alderton
  Jane Willas 41   Badingham
  John A. Willas 17 Agricultural labourer Alderton
  Emma Willas 14   Alderton
  William Willas 12   Alderton
  Sarah E. Willas 10   Alderton
  Edward Willas 7   Bawdsey
  George Willas 5   Bawdsey
  Frederiack Willas 4   Bawdsey
  Jane Willas 6wks   Bawdsey
  Elizabeth Willas (lodger) 72 Nurse Bawdsey


Address Name Age Occupation Born
W Tower Johan Knight 47 Chief Boatman, Coastguard London
  Harriet Knight 45   Devonport, Devon
Coastguard Cottage William Milford 38 Coastguard Northlew, Devon
  Sarah M. A. Milford 12   Plymouth, Devon
  William W. Milford 9   Plymouth, Devon
  Sampson L. Milford 4   Leiston, Suffolk
Coastguard Cottage Henry C. King 38 Coastguard Woodbridge
  Phillis C. King 43   Wickham Market
  William A.C. King 15 Agricultural labourer Wickham Market
  Harriet E. King 12   Wickham Market
  Henry S. King 9   Wickham Market
  Janette R. King 3   Reculver, Kent
  Florence M. King 1   Whitstable, Kent
Beach Cottage Isaac Ford 35 Carpenter Bawdsey
  Eliza Ford 36   Pettistree
  Emily Ford 13   Bawdsey
  Arthur Ford 11   Bawdsey
  Edwin Ford 9   Bawdsey
  Percy Ford 7   Bawdsey
  Isaac A. Ford 5   Bawdsey
  Edith H. Ford 3   Bawdsey
  Bertie Ford 1   Bawdsey
Beach house Unoccupied      
X Tower James Friend 52 Tower Keeper Bawdsey
  Ellen Friend 38   Bawdsey
  Martello Friend 5   Bawdsey
  Ethel Friend 2   Bawdsey
  Sebastapol 6m   Bawdsey
Y Tower Unoccupied      
Marsh Cottage William Brady 60 Agricultural labourer Shottisham
Battery House Unoccupied      
A.A. Tower Unoccupied      
Shingle Street R. Rust D'Eye 56 Annuitant Thurston, Suffolk
  Mary Anne Jarvis 66 Servant Drinkstone, Suffolk
Shingle Street William Gibbs 29 Mariner Orford
  Mary A. Gibbs 29   Alderton
  William E. Gibbs 9   Alderton
  Henry G. Gibbs 7   Alderton
  Kate M. Gibbs 3m   Bawdsey
Shingle Street Fanny Norton 30   Newfoundland
Shingle Street Edward Norton 70 Pilot Aldeburgh
  Laura Norton 52   Bawdsey
Shingle Street William Whyard 57 Fisherman Bawdsey
  Fanny Whyard 33 Dressmaker Bawdsey
  Oscar J. Whyard 7   Bawdsey
  William Whyard 5   Bawdsey
  Francis R. Whyard 1   Bawdsey
Shingle Street Henry Lucock 42 Mariner Bawdsey
  Sarah A. Lucock 31   Kenton, Suffolk
  Henry Lucock 12   Bawdsey
  Ettore Lucock 10   Bawdsey
  William J. Lucock 7   Bawdsey
  Percy S. Lucock 4   Bawdsey
  Kate J. Lucock 1   Bawdsey
Life Boat Inn Francis W. Langmaid 57 Inn Keeper Orford
  Jane Langmaid 58   Aldeburgh
  Francis R. Langmaid 27 Mariner Bawdsey
  Jessie A. Langmaid 22 Dressmaker Bawdsey
  Elizabeth K. Langmaid 20   Bawdsey
  Samuel J. Langmaid 17   Bawdsey
Shingle Street Henry Gibbs 51 Pilot Orford
  Sarah A. Gibbs 57   Orford
  Alice K. Gibbs 16   Bawdsey
  Edith E. Gibbs 13   Bawdsey
  Elizabeth A. Gibbs (g'dr) 5   Dunwich, Suffolk
Shingle Street James Parker 56 Pilot and fisherman Aldeburgh
Shingle Street William Dunnett 62 Gardener Clopton
  Elizabeth Dunnett 59   Swilland, Suffolk
Shingle Street George Dunnett 26 Fisherman Debenham
  Emily Dunnett 25   Hollesley
  Annie Dunnett 2   Bawdsey
  Ada Dunnett 1   Bawdsey
Shingle Street James Burwood 43 Mariner Aldeburgh
  Jemima Burwood 39   Campsey Ash
  Charles E. Burwood 12   Aldeburgh
Shingle Street Thomas Langmaid 31 Mariner Bawdsey
  Annie Langmaid 25   Ireland
  John F. Langmaid 3   Bawdsey
  Mabel L. Langmaid 10m   Bawdsey
German Ocean Mansion Benjamin Curtis 63 Mariner Hollesley
  Hannah Curtis 33   Boyton
  Annie Curtis 10   Hollesley
  Amy Curtis 8   Ipswich
  Kate Curtis 6   Ipswich
  Samuel 10m   Bawdsey
German Ocean Mansion 3 uninhabited      
Coastguard Building Hyslop (widower)      
  William G.U. Hyslop 16   Winterton, Norfolk
  Julia Hyslop 14   Winterton, Norfolk
  Walter T. Hyslop 13   Winterton, Norfolk
  George H. Hyslop 10   Great Yarmouth
  Rebecca Melville 44 Housekeeper Sheringham, Nfk
Shingle Street CGB William Hazel 39 Coastguard Barking, Suffolk
  Emily Hazel 40   Wickham Market
Shingle Street CGB Daniel Atrill 32 Coastguard and boatman East Cowes, IOW
  Emma Atrill 34   East Cowes, IOW
  Herbert T. Atrill 6   East Cowes, IOW
  Edward G. Atrill 1   Bawdsey
Shingle Street CGB William Ferns 31 Coastguard and boatman Gosport, Hants
  Eliza Ferns 31   Gosport, Hants
  Annie C. Ferns 7   Portsmouth, Hants
  William J. Ferns 4   Portsmouth, Hants
  George J. Ferns 3   Bawdsey
  Albert Ferns 1   Bawdsey
Shingle Street CGB Thomas Connor 32 Coastguard and boatman Ireland
Shingle Street CGB Geoarge W. Stokes 37 Coastguard and boatman Topsham, Devon
  Maria Stokes 34   Topsham, Devon
  William G. Stokes 8   Queensborough, Kt
  Alfred L.J. Stokes 6   Topsham, Devon
  Sidney Stokes 3   Bawdsey
  Percy Stokes 1   Bawdsey
Shingle Street CGB Bartholomew Flaherty 38 Coastguard and boatman Ireland
Shingle Street Charlotte Norton 29   Alderton
  Robert W. Norton 7   W. Hartlepool
  James E. Norton 5   W. Hartlepool
  Edith V. Norton 10m   W. Hartlepool


Address Name Age Occupation Born
Shingle Street Coastguard House Thomas Morris 29 Coastguard Dorset Upwey
  Lavinia Morris 29   Dorset W. Lulworth
  Syble Morris 4   Dorset Upwey
  Walter Morris 3m   Bawdsey
Shingle Street Coastguard House Charles Bullivant 38 Coastguard Ireland
  Annie Bullivant 39   Ireland
  Mary Bullivant 16   Portsmouth
  Annie Bullivant 11   Mundsley, Norfolk
  Charles Bullivant 9   Mundsley, Norfolk
  Margaret Bullivant 8   Yarmouth, Norfolk
  Alexander Bullivant 6   Yarmouth, Norfolk
  Catherine Bullivant 4   Lowestoft, Norfolk
  Leo Bullivant 2   Lowestoft, Norfolk
Shingle Street Coastguard House William Stewart 35 Coastguard Devonport
  Eliza Amanda Stewart 33   Devonport
  Eliza Amanda Stewart 10   Devonport
  William J. Stewart 6   Marice Town, Devon
  Linda M. Stewart 1   Suffolk
Shingle Street Coastguard House Joseph Pearce 39 Coastgurad Gloucester
  Edgar W. Pearce 11   Portsmouth
  Joseph A. Pearce 6   Ludlow
  John A. Pearce 5   St Margaret atte Cliffe
  Alice J. Pearce 2   St Margaret atte Cliffe
Shingle Street Coastguard House Edwin Jones 29 Coastguard Barrow-in-Furness, Lanacashire
  Sarah Jones 34   Bilston, Staffs
  Martha Jones 7   Bilston, Staffs
  Marion Jones 2   Bawdsey
  Edwin Jones 7m   Bawdsey
Shingle Street Coastguard House Davis Verreat (?) 40 Coastguard Devon
  Louisa Verreat 39   Orford
  Ellen Verreat 11   Orford
  Bessie 10   Orford
Shingle Street Coastguard House Jame Charles Mills 42 Chief Officer Coastguard Beccles, Suffolk
  Ellen A. Mills 31   Dunwich
  Charles F.F. Mills 12   Sheerness, Kent
  James S.T. Mills 10   Hoo, Kent
  Gertrude M.A. Mills 6   Gt. Yarmouth
  Harry E. Mills 5   Gt. Yarmouth
  Grace C.E. Mills 3   Canvey Island
  Lillian H.A. Mills 1   Bawdsey
Shingle Street Benjamin Curtis 72 Caretaker of house Hollesley
These 3 entries Hannah Curtis 42   Boyton
are probably German Alfred Curtis 14 Farm hand Hollesley
Ocean Mansion Samuel Curtis 11   Bawdsey
  Edith Curtis 8   Bawdsey
Shingle Street Uninhabited      
Shingle Street Ellen S. Keel (?) 36 Housekeeper Hollesley
Shingle Street William Gibbs 39 Fisherman Orford
  Mary Ann Gibbs 38   Alderton
  Kate M. Gibbs 10   Bawdsey
  Edward E. Gibbs 5   Bawdsey
  Robert J. Gibbs 5   Bawdsey
  Jessie A. Gibbs 2   Bawdsey
Shingle Street William C. Whyard 47 Mariner Bawdsey
  Fanny S. Whyard 43   Bawdsey
  Oscar J. Whyard 17 Mariner Bawdsey
  William G. Whyard 15 Agricultural labourer Bawdsey
  Francis R. Whyard 11   Bawdsey
  Robert K. Whyard 5   Bawdsey
  Eliza K. Whyard 3   Bawdsey
  John G. Whyard 1   Bawdsey
Shingle Street George Dunnett 36 Mariner Debenham, Suffolk
  Emily Dunnett 39   Hollesley
  Alice E. Dunnett 15   Bawdsey
  Ada E. Dunnett 11   Bawdsey
  Mildred A. Dunnett 9   Bawdsey
  George W. Dunnett 5   Bawdsey
Shingle Street James Burwood 52 Mariner Aldeburgh
  Jemima Burwood 48   Campsey Ash
Shingle Street Henry Gibbs 71 Pilot, harbour master Orford
  Sarah Gibbs 69   Orford
  Eliza J. Gibbs 34   Bawdsey
Life Boat Inn Frances W. Langmaid 67 Innkeeper Orford
  Jane Langmaid 68   Aldeburgh
  Samuel J. Langmaid 27 Mariner Bawdsey
Shingle Street Henry Lucock 54 Mariner Bawdsey
  Sarah A. Lucock 32   Kenton, Suffolk
  Percy S. Lucock 14   Bawdsey
  Kate J. Lucock 11   Bawdsey
  George D. Lucock 8   Bawdsey
  Daisy J. Lucock 5   Bawdsey
  Charles A. Lucock 4   Bawdsey
  Christopher R. Lucock 2   Bawdsey
Shingle Street Alfred Norton 40 Pilot Bawdsey
  Charlotte Norton 39   Alderton
  Edith Norton 10   Deerham
  Percy Norton 9   Bawdsey
Shingle Street Edward Norton 81 Mariner Aldeburgh
  Laura Norton 66   Bawdsey
  Walter Beeton (wife's son) 30 Carpenter Ipswich
  Elizabeth Rockham (lodger) 66   Alderton
Shingle Street Marianne Deere (Langmaid) 35 Widow, own means Bawdsey
  Elizabeth K. Langmaid 30 Own means Bawdsey
Shingle Street Thomas W. Langmaid 41 Pilot and fisherman Bawdsey
  Jane Langmaid 28   Snape
  John F. Langmaid 14   Aldeburgh
  Mabel L. Langmaid 10   Bawdsey
  Cecil T. Langmaid 4   Bawdsey
  James J. Langmaid 2   Bawdsey
  Jane J. Langmaid 1   Bawdsey
Shingle Street 2 uninhabited      


Address Name Age Occupation Born
Shingle Street Boathouse Unoccupied      
Shingle Street cottage Francis Langmaid 77 Trinity pilot Orford
  Jane Langmaid 78   Aldeburgh
Shingle Street cottage Thomas W. Langmaid 51 Trinity pilot Bawdsey
  Jane Langmaid 38   Snape
  Cecil T. Langmaid 14 Shepherd's boy Bawdsey
  James P. Langmaid 12   Bawdsey
  Jane J. Langmaid 11   Bawdsey
  Dora K. Langmaid 8   Bawdsey
  Jessie L. Langmaid 7   Bawdsey
  Gladys A. Langmaid 4   Bawdsey
  Frederick B. Langmaid 3   Bawdsey
  Claude W. Langmaid 1   Bawdsey
Shingle Street cottage Edward Norton 91 Retired pilot Aldeburgh
Shingle Street cottage Unoccupied      
Shingle Street cottage Unoccupied      
Shingle Street cottage William A. Norton 50 Trinity pilot Shingle Street
  Charlotte Norton 49   Alderton
  Alma (g-daughter) 2   Shingle Street
  Sarah Osborne (m-in-law) 74   Shingle Street
Shingle Street cottage Henry Lucock 61 Fisherman Shingle Street
  William Lucock 27 Seaman Shingle Street
  Kate Lucock 21 Housekeepre at home Shingle Street
  George Lucock 18 Bricklayer's labourer Shingle Street
  Charles Lucock 14 Gardener's labourer Shingle Street
  Christopher Lucock 12   Shingle Street
Lifeboat Inn Samual Langmaid 37 Innkeeper Bawdsey
  Adelaide Langmaid 23   Ipswich
  George Langmaid 3   Bawdsey
  Vera Langmaid 1   Bawdsey
Shingle Street cottage Henry Gibbs 81 Harbour Master Orford Haven Orford
  Sarah A. Gibbs 78   Orford
Shingle Street cottage Hannah Curtis 54   Boyton
  Benjamin A. Curtis 23 Bricklayer's labourer Hollesley
Shingle Street cottage James Burwood 62 Mariner Aldeburgh
  Jemima Burwood 58   Campsey Ash
  Charles Burwood 32 Mariner Aldeburgh
Shingle Street cottage George Dunnett 47 Boatman Debenham
  Emily Dunnett 48   Hollesley
  Hilda Dunnett 8   Shingle Street
Shingle Street cottage William C. Whyard 56 Mariner Shingle Street
  Fanny F. Whyard 52   Shingle Street
  Robert K. Whyard 14 Farmer's boy Shingle Street
  Eliza K. Whyard 13   Shingle Street
  John G. Whyard 11   Shingle Street
  Bessie L. Whyard 9   Shingle Street
Shingle Street cottage William Gibbs 49 Trinity pilot Orford
  Mary Gibbs 48   Alderton
  Ernest Gibbs 15   Bawdsey
  Jessie Gibbs 12   Bawdsey

Shingle Street
private house

Shingle Street cottage Walter Beeton 40 Carpenter Bawdsey
  Kate Beeton 27   Ipswich
  William Beeton 9   Bawdsey
  Hilda Beeton 7   Bawdsey
  Mary Beeton 5   Bawdsey
  Frank Beeton 3   Bawdsy
  Walter 2   Bawdsey
  Edith 1m   Bawdsey

Shingle Street
boat house

The boathouse/chapel belonging to GOM      
Shingle Street
private house
German Ocean Mansion
Shingle Street
Coastguard's House
Joseph Gibbings 51 Chief Officer Coastguard Exeter, Devon
  Georgina M. Gibbings 46   Exeter, Devon
Shingle Street
Coastguard's House
Richard B. Vivian 37 Coastguard Shaldon, Devon
  Jane A. Vivian 30   Deptford, Kent
  Leonard C. Vivian 4   Broadstairs, Kent
Shingle Street
Coastguard's House
John H. Gunns 35 Coastguard Stoke Holy Cross,Norfolk
  Emma J. Gunns 27   Norwich
  Leonard J. Gunns 3   Norwich
  Alice M. Gunns 2   Bawdsey
  Kate J. Gunns 11m   Bawdsey
Shingle Street
Coastguard's House
Charles Fox 37 Boatman Coastguard Lydlinch, Dorset
  Bessie Fox 35   Hinton St Mary, D'set
  Helen H. Fox 7   Felixstowe Ferry
Shingle Street
Coastguard's House
Frederick Goff 30 Boatman Coastguard Ramsey, Essex
Shingle Street
Coastguard's House
Richard Butt 35 Coastguard
Commissioned Boatman
Croydon, Surrey
  Phyllis D. Butt 32   Mitfield, Surrey
  Phyllis M. Butt 9   Portsmouth
Shingle Street
Coastguard's House
Frederick Ruley 30 Coastguard Boatman Maidenhead, Berks
  Mary Ruley 28   Gosport, Hampshire

Shingle Street
Marshes Cottage


Shingle Street from Martello Tower

Shingle Street from the Martello Tower.
The 2-storey building, centre, is the Lifeboat Inn.
Photo supplied by Michael Lucock.

Shingle Street 1930s

This photograph, supplied by Phil Shimmon, was taken in the 1930s.The Lifeboat Inn is the 2-storey building,
and the cottage on the left is Veronica Cottage, where the Lucock family lived.

Shimmon family, Shingle Street

Left to right: unknown, Bert Shimmon, Gladys Shimmon, Rover and Gordon Grout.
Taken at the rear of Coastguard Cottages, where the Shimmon family lived.

Shingle Street is a Site of Special Scientific Interest because of the rare flora and fauna to be found here.

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