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Not sure which model you have or how to tell one from another?

 The table below might help. I've broken the model range down into 10 types and listed a few defining features of each type. It is far from foolproof or comprehensive but, if you've got a rosewood fretboard Strat with a 1 x ply pickguard you can see from the table below that it's almost certainly a Standard model. If your Strat has a maple neck and a 1 x ply pickguard it could be either a Standard or a 50's Reissue. Each model name links to a page covering that model in detail so you should be able to identify your Strat with some certainty and won't need to send me an email saying; 'I've got a Japanese Strat, it's red, what model is it?' 
Model P/guard P/ups Fretboard Frets Tremolo Locknut
Standard 1 or 3 x ply 3 x s/c either 21 Classic  No
50's Reissue  1 x ply " maple " " "
62 Reissue 3 x ply " rosewood " " "
68 Reissue " " maple " " "
72 Reissue " " either 21 " "
HM None hum'r & s/c either 22 Kahler Yes
Hot Rod RI   " " 22 Floyd Rose "
Contemporary 3 x ply* " " 22 Kahler "
 " " Standard 22  3 x ply 3 x s/c " 22 Classic "
Signature Different specifications depending upon model

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