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Are you looking to buy a used Fender Japan guitar? Confused by what you see on Ebay and elsewhere? Read my 'buying tips' before committing yourself.
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The Fender Stratocaster isn't just a guitar, it's a cultural icon, a piece of modern Americana. Even if not made in America. Does it matter if the person that screwed it together had a street address in the US of A, Mexico or Japan? He or she will still be giving form to Leo Fender's revolutionary early-fifties design.  A design as obviously American as a '57 Chevy.  But maybe better. A 2006 Chevrolet looks nothing like the over the top, chrome bedecked, '57 model. But a 2006 Stratocaster  looks almost exactly like its 1954 forerunner. Leo got it right (give or take the odd detail) first time out. 

Since 1954 the Stratocaster has evolved, changed direction a few times, maybe taken a few wrong turns occasionally . But has remained true in spirit. Unlike the corporate manufacturing world which has changed immeasurably.  Fender Japan was set up in 1982 for good business reasons (outlined on the 'History' page). They made, and still make, fine quality instruments, but nowadays, bar a couple of models, only for their home market. 

However, there are many 'MIJ' (Made in Japan) or 'CIJ' (Crafted in Japan) Stratocasters in the hands of US and European owners or floating about the used market. The point of this site is to examine the range of different Stratocasters produced in Japan for export ( not the current excellent non-export range) and perhaps answer some of the questions that may arise in an owner/potential-owner's mind  when confronted by a Stratocaster bearing a  'Made in Japan' or 'Crafted in Japan' label. If you are unsure what model Stratocaster you have, just follow the menu links and all may well be revealed. I emphasise that this site only covers those models officially exported NOT current production models.

Please remember, I am not expert on Stratocasters (or anything else). Much of the information herein has been sourced from the internet, particularly from postings to the Fender Discussion Page forums, and by referring to published data - a particularly good reference being the excellent 'The Fender Book' by Tony Bacon and Paul Day. Go to my  books & links page and buy it now! However, any mistakes, factual or otherwise, are mine. Either because I misconstrued something, or unwisely accepted third-party information as fact. 

The names Fender and Stratocaster are registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments.

Are you looking to buy a used Fender Japan guitar? Confused by what you see on Ebay and elsewhere?
 Read my 'buying tips' before commiting yourself. 

..and after doing that go to for the best selection of used non-export Fender Japan 
instruments you will find this side of Tokyo





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