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'72 Reissue

a) '72 Reissues were available with both rosewood and maple fingerboards b) Pink paisley and blue flower power finishes were issued as well as white and natural. c) The infamous 3 bolt neck plate

d) A large headstock with bullet type truss rod adjuster and modern Gotoh tuners e) The '72 had chromed, cast string saddles and non-staggered pole pickups.  
Although this model is now back in production (but not officially imported to the US or Europe - 'new' production paisley and flower power Strats are not based on the 70's model), according to the 'Blue Book' they were originally produced in limited numbers and discontinued in 1994 (the paisley and flower power version) and 1995 (the  vintage white or natural version). By the way, the recent re-release flower power and paisley Strats are not '72 Reissues as they are based on small headstock Strats. The '72 Reissue is based on the 1972 CBS model and features:
  1. Enlarged headstock.
  2. 3 bolt neck
  3. 21 fret maple neck with maple or rosewood fretboard (not paisley or flowerpower finish which came with a maple fretboard only).
  4. 'Bullet' truss rod adjuster at headstock end of neck
  5. Gotoh  tuners.
  6. Non-staggered pole pickups
  7. Cast chromed string saddles
  8. Ash body.

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