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Iraq War 2003

Iraq attack: How to supplement the US budget  (pre-war)

Ultimatum: The Bush/Blair lie: France’s veto (March 12-20 2003)

WarTalk-1  (March 20 – April 13 2003: Combat)

WarTalk-2  (April 15-18 2003: Occupation)

The pretexts for war: WMD + France’s veto

National Intelligence Estimate (Oct. 1 2002), excerpts released July 18 2003

Henry Waxman’s letter to Condoleezza Rice (July 29 2003)

David Kay transcript: Annotated, linked, and challenged (Jan. 28 2004, Senate Armed Services Committee)

“Hutton Report: Exemplifying Zealotry”

“Saddam was a bad man”: The post-war pretext for war (coming-up) (this page)


“Saddam was a bad man”:
The post-war pretext for war

by Charles Judson Harwood Jr.



© 2003 Charles Judson Harwood Jr.

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Posted July 28 2003. Updated July 28 2003


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