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Full-text: December 4 2002 Schneider, 310 F. Supp. 2d 251 (March 30 2004), subsequently, 412 F.3d 190 (No. 04-5199, June 28 2005) (U.S.-Chile, murder of René Schneider, Oct. 22 1970).

United States District Court for the District of Columbia

Filed, Dec 4 2002, Nancy Mayer Whittington, Clerk U.S. District Court

Civ. No. 01-1902 (HHK)

Rene Schneider, et al.,)
Henry A. Kissinger, et al.,)


The Court having considered the defendants’ Agreed Motion for Enlargement of Time and to Establish Schedule and the grounds therefore, it is hereby

Ordered that the defendants’ motion is granted, and the defendants shall respond to the amended complaint no later than December 13, 2002, and it is further

Ordered that the plaintiffs shall have until January 17, 2003 in which to respond to the defendants’ motion to dismiss the amended complaint; and it is further {p.2}

Ordered that the defendants shall have until February 5, 2003 to serve and file a reply memorandum in support of their motion to dismiss the amended complaint.

Dated this 3rd day of December 2002.

Signature: Henry H. Kennedy Jr.


Henry Harold Kennedy Jr.
United States District Judge

Upon entry copies to:

Michael E. Tigar, Esq.
1025 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 1012
Washington, DC 20036

Richard Montague
Senior Trial Attorney
Torts Branch, Civil Division
Department Of Justice
Box 7146 Washington, D.C. 20044


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This case: Schneider v. Kissinger, complaint filed, Sept. 10 2001, refused to adjudicate, 310 F. Supp. 2d 251 (D.D.C., No. 01-CV-01902, March 30 2004), affirmed refusal to adjudicate, 412 F.3d 190 {justia, 64kb.pdf, 64kb.pdf} (D.C. Cir., No. 04-5199, June 28 2005), refused to review refusal to adjudicate, certiorari denied, 547 U.S. __ (U.S., No. 05-743, April 17 2006).

Next: Defendants’ Renewed Motion to Dismiss (Dec. 12 2002).

Commentary: The murder of René Schneider.

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