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Full-text: August 30 2002 Schneider, 310 F. Supp. 2d 251 (March 30 2004), subsequently, 412 F.3d 190 (No. 04-5199, June 28 2005) (U.S.-Chile, murder of René Schneider, Oct. 22 1970).

United States District Court for the District of Columbia

Filed, Aug 30 2002, Nancy Mayer Whittington, Clerk U.S. District Court

Civ. No. 01-1902 (HHK)

René Schneider, et al.,)
Henry Alfred Kissinger,)


Before the court is Plaintiffs’ Motion for a Court Order Pursuant to 36 C.F.R. § 1275.34 {July 1 2002: 2 kb txt, 35kb.pdf; current rule: 2 kb txt, 28kb.pdf} To Obtain Access to the “Kissinger Transcripts” Located at the National Archives and Records Administration. Upon consideration of the party’s motion, the opposition thereto, and the record in this case, it is hereby

Ordered that Plaintiffs’ motion is denied.

Date: August 30 2002.

Signature: Henry H. Kennedy Jr.


Henry Harold Kennedy Jr.
United States District Judge


Source: Photocopy of a duplicate original (the Court’s file copy).

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This case: Schneider v. Kissinger, complaint filed, Sept. 10 2001, refused to adjudicate, 310 F. Supp. 2d 251 (D.D.C., No. 01-CV-01902, March 30 2004), affirmed refusal to adjudicate, 412 F.3d 190 {justia, 64kb.pdf, 64kb.pdf} (D.C. Cir., No. 04-5199, June 28 2005), refused to review refusal to adjudicate, certiorari denied, 547 U.S. __ (U.S., No. 05-743, April 17 2006).

Next: Plaintiffs’ Notice to the Court of Supplemental Authority (Nov. 12 2002).

Commentary: The murder of René Schneider.

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Charles Judson Harwood Jr.


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